Charles Ross & Son Co.

Aug. 30, 2005
Dual shaft mixer/discharge system simplifies production
Charles Ross & Son Co. has designed a Model CDA 100 Dual Shaft Mixer and Discharge System for use in the production of viscous non-flowing products.The Dual Shaft Mixer combines a three-wing anchor with Teflon scrapers, and a conventional disc type, high-speed disperser. Each of the agitators is independently driven and set up for variable speed operation. The mixer also includes a vacuum cover with sight/charge ports; two vacuum and jacketed mix vessels with discharge valves in the bottom. The mix vessels are mounted on non-sparking caster wheels to enable easy movement to the discharge system after mixing/dispersion is completed. The Discharge System is designed to automatically raise the mix vessel off the floor, and to then push the viscous product out through the bottom discharge valve, directly into a packaging operation, or to a post mixing storage/holding vessel. The Dual Shaft Mixer/Discharge Systems are available in many sizes from a 1-gallon laboratory unit, through 1000-gallon production models. Many optional features are supplied and include a range of materials of construction, vacuum and pressure designs, jackets to heat or cool, wall scrapers, sanitary construction, etc. Test and Trial Rental machines are available for evaluation prior to purchase.