Scientific Technologies Inc.–Automation Products Group

Aug. 15, 2005
Vibrating sensors detect levels in medium to large hoppers
Scientific Technologies, Inc.'s Automation Products Group introduces its VBL Series Vibrating Level Sensors. Featuring a patented principle and probe construction, the VBL series is designed for use in medium or large sized hoppers, with multiple versions available to satisfy a variety of application requirements. The Model VBL-12 is a compact version used for high and low level detection. The VBL-12 is available with a protective shield for low-level detection in large silos. It features side and top mounting capability. The top-mounting Model VBL-22 is suitable for high alarm operation in large silos. Extension tubes up to eight feet (2,500 mm) and 13 feet (4,000 mm) are available. Model VBL-32 is an extension cable, top-mounting version. It is suitable for high alarm operation and includes a flexible PVC coated cable available in lengths up to 20 feet (6,000 mm).