Foss North America

Aug. 12, 2005
Hydrolysis Unit Simplifies Fat Analysis
The SoxCap 2047 features a new technique combining superior performance with low investment. It offers a solution for acid hydrolysis of food and feed samples, prior to the solvent extraction step in the total fat analysis. SoxCap 2047 combined with Soxtec Extraction system provides results in agreement with official procedures.The SoxCap system performs hydrolysis, filtration and washing without any sample transfer, with minimum manual handling using the batch handling tools. During hydrolysis the acid fumes are removed automatically. After hydrolysis, filtration and washing is done inside the beaker within minutes, ensuring no contact with hot hydrolysis solutions or fumes.The sample is weighed into a SoxCap glass capsule fitted with a disposable filter. After hydrolysis, the glass capsule is simply turned upside down, a cellulose thimble is fitted on top and the capsule is placed in the Soxtec for the solvent extraction step. The patented technique is based on the SoxCap capsule’s ability to hold the fat present in the sample during hydrolysis and release it during solvent extraction.The capacity is six samples per batch and 36 samples per day.Accuracy
  • No sample transfer improves measurement precision and speeds up the analysis

  • Batch handling tools and ID numbers ensure no mixing up of samples
  • Automatic fume removal for operator safety and convenience

  • No contact with hot acid during hydrolysis, filtration and washing. The entire analysis takes place in a closed vessel
  • The design of the SoxCap capsule filter enables fast filtration and washing of samples

  • A compact system requiring only a small bench space

  • Minimum use of Celite