Nalbach Engineering Co., Inc.

July 13, 2005
Bottle unscrambler's design reduces maintenance, downtime
Nalbach Engineering Co. has introduced its Necosort-III, a third-generation plastic bottle unscrambler. This machine sorts a range of bottle types and its design consists of a rotating vertical hopper and only two moving parts.The Necosort-III's design employs a sorting hopper that is turned vertically, significantly reducing the overall footprint of the system for easy integration into tight production areas.The presence of only two moving parts in the entire system — one of which sorts and moves all of the bottles to the discharge starwheel and the second being the discharge starwheel itself — means significantly less maintenance and downtime. There are no reciprocating motions, complicated mechanisms or hard to adjust container handling parts.The system is tolerant of damaged bottles keeping high speed production lines such as soft drink, juice and water filling lines in operation. The Necosort-III has been designed for high speed, high uptime applications.The Necosort-III’s design provides a “queue” of bottles for each sorting “pocket,” insuring very high machine efficiencies. The drive system and all other major components are easily accessible for routine maintenance. Maintenance personnel are not required to get down on hands and knees to service the Necosort-III.The Necosort-III comes standard with an easy to use touch screen machine controller with speed settings for each bottle type. The machine carries a three-year warranty.This product is available worldwide through Nalbach’s direct sales and manufacturer's reps and will be on display at the Pack Expo Las Vegas show (Booth C-2110) September 26-28, 2005 in Las Vegas.