Ozone Safe Food Inc.

July 11, 2005
Ozone vortex mixing system reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.8 percent

Ozone Safe Food, Inc. announced July 12 that results were received from Assumption University (www.au.edu) in Bangkok, Thailand, for their broad spectrum bacterial testing on surface pathogens using Ozone Safe Food's 100 PSI mobile ozone unit.

Dr. Churdchai Cheowtirakul, dean of Biotechnology faculty at Assumption University, conducted the tests in conjunction with the company's representative, Dr. Bennett Robinson, PhD. The tests consisted of measuring surface pathogens and then measuring the reductions in microorganisms after exposure to the mobile unit's ozone spray. Tests were also conducted to determine bacterial counts within saliva samples.

The tests varied the exposure of the ozone to the pathogens by spacing the time between the ozone output and the introduction of the pathogen to the ozone and also by the length of time the pathogen was exposed to the ozone.

The results of this experiment concluded that the company's mobile unit can be used for reducing the number of surface bacteria contaminants by up to 99.8%.