Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

June 22, 2005
New blender handles innovative batching applications
Spiroflow Systems' new ITS Inline Continuous Blender is designed to fully mix powder over a short length of material flow.The ITS Continuous Blender reaches an accuracy potential up to 2%, suitable for applications in the food, chemical and other industries. The blender is ideal for use with powder, granular, flake or pellet material.Using two integrated flexible screw conveyors, the ITS Blender feeds the two mixing components, directly introducing the secondary ingredient into the center of the flow of the primary ingredient. To accomplish this, the unit incorporates two rotating screw conveyors of different diameters. The tube of the smaller conveyor extends beyond the inlet hopper of the larger conveyor. This ensures the flow of this minor ingredient is introduced into the primary ingredient at the peak point for thorough mixing.The ITS Continuous Blender is available for use with rigid bins, bulk bags or more permanent batch component holding vessels. Utilizing standard Spiroflow flexible screw components, the unit has a capacity up to 10 tons per hour.The short processing length of the ITS Blender minimizes unit size and facility footprint, while reaching mixing quality as more expensive mixing/batching equipment. According to internal tests, there is little or no particle breakdown during mixing, even on friable materials.The ITS Continuous Blender is usable with multiple ingredient dosing units evenly mixing over a short distance. The inline blender is available with a variable speed motor allowing adjustment of the turndown ratio as required.