Bodine Electric Co.

June 14, 2005
Double reduction gearmotor provides high torque at low speeds
Bodine Electric Co. has introduced built-to-order double reduction gearmotors. The new type 3RD gearmotor is designed for applications that require very slow rotation and high torque. Typical applications include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, medical equipment and factory automation. The type 3RD gearmotors are available with Bodine’s 30R AC, 24A DC, and 22B brushless DC motors. The double-reduction design provides gear ratios from 80:1 up to 3600:1, allowing a relatively small motor to produce up to 150 lb-in. torque. The gearheads are offered with outputs ranging from 0.5 to 31 RPM. The 3RD models are unvented with bronze and hardened steel worm gears for low maintenance and long life.The gearmotor is offered with a variety of built-to-order shaft options, including single, double or hollow shaft configurations. Hollow shaft units can be connected directly to the driven load, which saves space and eliminates unnecessary parts that are bulky and present alignment issues. The gearhousing was designed for maximum flexibility. These gearmotors can be face-mounted on the drive-shaft side, or on the side opposite the driveshaft, or from the bottom of the gearhead.