FOSS NIRSystems Inc.

March 9, 2005
On-line Near Infrared analyzer handles solids and liquids
XDS Process Analytics is a new generation Near Infrared (NIR) on-line analyzer for analysis of solid, viscous and liquid food and agricultural products. XDS Process Analytics analyzes products and ingredients directly in the process stream. It delivers a continuous flow of results allowing timely adjustments to optimise production quality and output. XDS Process Analytics provides new levels of NIR analysis for reliable process control. At the same time, it is a highly cost-effective solution. The outstanding performance and factory instrument-standardization ensures that measurement results are consistently accurate without the need for frequent instrument adjustment. In addition, one calibration can be used across different XDS instruments or measurement interfaces. As a result, concerns about issues such as installation, calibration maintenance and instrument adjustment are minimized. For some applications, ready-to-use calibrations are available, making it even simpler for users to get up and running. XDS Bench solutions employ exactly the same technology as used in the process solution, but are designed for use in laboratory or control room environments. The bench solutions include the XDS Rapid Liquid Analyser (400-2500 nm based on transmission for liquid samples) and the XDS Rapid Content Analyser (400-2500 nm based on reflection for solid samples).