Lubrication Engineers Inc.

Jan. 17, 2005
Lubricants have anti-microbial action, won't wash out 
A new line of food machinery lubricants from Lubrication Engineers, Inc. offers staying power, anti-microbial activity, and high resistance to impact, water, and acidic and alkaline fluids. Lubricants combat the harsh conditions that continually plague food processing plants. These products:
  • Won’t wash out or emulsify when coming in contact with moisture. In addition, LE’s Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricants prevent rusting, whether from water or steam. Moisture is an ever-present enemy of effective lubrication. It can wash grease from the bearing areas, cause greases to emulsify and break down, and promote rust and corrosion.

  • Withstand prolonged attack by high temperatures… generated by cooking and drying operations. This also applies when steam is used in cleaning which can cause ordinary greases to melt and run from bearings. Thus promoting rapid oxidation, which greatly shortens lubricant life.

  • Resist pound-out and sling-off in high impact application… where grease is actually pounded from the bearing area, leaving nothing to lubricate metal surfaces. This also applies when greases are literally thrown out or off because they lack sufficient tackiness (clingability) to adhere to the metal, and cohesion (ability to hold together). Has superior EP load carrying capabilities.

  • Last long. This is important since many machines are required to run virtually around-the-clock, seven days a week. Many greases actually shear down, become liquid, or harden when worked for long periods of time. The end results are loss of lubricants and dry bearings.