Sturtevant Inc.

Feb. 4, 2005
New website offers equipment pricing
After listening and learning from their customers, Sturtevant developed a new website to guide customers to the most suitable equipment for their dry particle size reduction and classification applications. According to W. Sturtevant English, Jr., Sturtevant’s General Manager, the results of an in-depth customer survey determined the need for an online informational guide offering features such as a Budgetary Pricing Calculator along with graphics detailing how material processing equipment works. The new website was designed so that visitors can expand their knowledge about general size reduction and air classification principles by searching on the Application Search Index and Industry Search Index. Through these indices, a visitor will be directed to the recommended equipment product page loaded with detailed information and downloadable brochures. Included in the new website are request forms for replacement parts and lab services as well as articles, case histories and more.