Inpro/Seal Company

Dec. 13, 2004
Oil mist bearing isolators exclude contaminants
Inpro/Seal Company has updated its OM series of oil mist bearing isolators and renamed it the OM 32 Series. These bearing isolators can work with low base lubricant viscosities to ISO 32. They incorporate VBXX proprietary technology, eliminates the ingress of lubricant by combining the best technology in non-contacting labyrinth seals with the best possible interface for contamination exclusion.OM 32 isolators will fit any OEM brand bearing housing, vertical or horizontal configurations, closed loop or open loop, purge or pure mist. Other aspects include: direct customer feedback, ongoing R&D, extensive field testing, as well as exhaustive trials in their dedicated testing facility.OM 32 oil mist seals contain no ferrous materials that could generate sparking conditions by sealing faces or magnets upon wear and eventual component degradation. They are made entirely of non-sparking bronze material and has no contacting surfaces that could heat up and initiate combustion of volatile materials in the area. Even if the rolling element, primary bearing should fail, the Inpro/Seal bearing isolator will act as an emergency sleeve bearing and prevent shaft-to-housing contact and possible dangerous and catastrophic spark generation.