Influential Women in Manufacturing: Nancy Corriveau, Blentech Corp.

Oct. 22, 2018
Nancy Corriveau, Director of operations for Blentech Corp. is one of the 22 women honored in the inaugural class of Influential Women in Manufacturing. This is her story.

Food Processing and its parent company, Putman Media, with the help of sponsoring partner Rockwell Automation, are proud and honored to present the inaugural class of Influential Women in Manufacturing. The program, which launched in early 2018, seeks to recognize women who are effecting change in manufacturing and industrial production. There are 22 women in all receiving the designation of a 2018 Influential Woman in Manufacturing, three of which work in food and beverage. We will be highlighting all three women on

The second honoree we'll be highlighting is Nancy Corriveau, Director of operations for Blentech Corp. Corriveau was nominated by Blentech CEO Daniel Voit, who says in her nomination that "(She) has been an important enabler of the innovation that propelled our growth. Not only can she anticipate challenges, but also she develops strategies for avoiding them altogether."

Starting her journey at Bay Area-based food technology company Blentech in 1987, Corriveau climbed through the company's ranks from parts sales and through accounting into operations management and service oversight.

In those 31 years, Blentech's sales climbed from around $1 million annually to $22 million; Corriveau was instrumental in helping the company build the infrastructure needed to scale to that level, Voit says.

Among the IWiM committee, we were thrilled when Corriveau accepted the nomination. Behind her intelligence and skill is woman who encourages you to want to be a better person. 

While Voit offered us a glimpse of what makes Corriveau an influential woman, we wanted to get to know more about the woman behind the computer. We sent Corriveau the following questions and she didn't disappoint with her answers.

What motivates you? I'm a survivor. I'm alive. I lost my home in the Northern CA Tubbs fire though I can't stay sad over my loss. I'm motivated by the opportunity of my new beginnings. What also motivates me is one role I perform as Director of Operations for Blentech Corporation: To Inspire. I work to link departments. When workflow is in sync, our days are less complicated and more rewarding. I lead by example and that is my reminder to carry myself with grace each day.What keeps you awake at night?Wondering how I will learn to do the things I've never done before. Prayer turns my fear into courage.

How did you get your start in your current company? 
I had previous experience in food processing equipment manufacturing and started with Blentech 32 years ago. My career path grew from Secretary to Director of Operations

What do you find most gratifying in your current role? 
Mentoring a new generation to help them succeed not only in their careers but in life. It is important to teach new, younger professionals about making decisions not just for themselves but for all 84 employees of Blentech. Slow and Steady is better that one quick gain.

What advice would you give to younger women who aren't sure how to make an impact on their career or workplace? 
This is an exciting and rewarding industry. We can make a global impact to bring process and equipment solutions that deliver safe, economical, nutritious and good-tasting foods to the world.

What are your hobbies? 
When I'm not working on rebuilding my house that was burned in the Northern California Tubbs fire, I enjoy walking my acreage with my dog in the mornings with coffee and in the evenings with a glass of wine

Any secret talents you wish to share? 
Manual labor. I can dig a trench, pull electrical wires through conduit, lay pipes

What are 5 things you constantly have with you at your desk/bag/pocket? 
My phone, my daily calendar, my Blentech water bottle, A stash of snacks under my desk, and my yard shoes for walking through my lot under construction.

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