Vegan KitKat Makes Its Debut

June 15, 2021
Nestle rolled out the plant-based KitKat V in the United Kingdom, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Nestle announced this week that its plant-based Vegan KitKat has it the store shelves. If you're an American wanting to get your hands on one, you'll have to wait. The confection, known as KitKat V, is only available in the United Kingdom, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for now. Nestle announced the upcoming arrival of the candy bar in February. 

KitKat V is certified vegan, and made from 100% sustainable cocoa sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance. The milk in the original KitKat is replaced with a rice-based alternative. 

"Our challenge when we set out to create a vegan-friendly KitKat was to recreate this iconic product using plant-based alternatives," said Louise Barrett, Head of the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Center in York, England. "To achieve this, we worked very hard to get the right balance between the milk alternative and the cocoa." 

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