Ingredient Round Up: December 2021

Dec. 14, 2021
Our editors selected the following food and beverage ingredients to feature in our December 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Almonds No. 1 in new product development

According to data from the Global New Products Report, almonds comprised more than 41% of the nut products introduced globally in 2020, with 12,181 new almond introductions globally. Almonds are considered a nutrient-rich snack among consumers in North America, in many countries across Europe and in Latin America. Heart-friendliness, weight management and improved memory rank among the top health-related benefits associated with almonds in these regions. Gluten-free increased its share by 2% to maintain its position as the top health claim (26%) associated with almonds for on-pack claims, followed by vegan (18%) and high/source of protein (16%). Almond Board of California 

Spirulina- and turmeric-based green colorings

The range of plant-based Exberry colors has been expanded to include two green shades made from spirulina and turmeric. Shade Lime Green provides a vibrant yellowish-green, while Shade Jade Green offers a vivid bluish-green. They are halal, kosher and vegan-friendly and can be used in a variety of applications, including gummies, jellies and hard- and soft-panned confectionery as well as dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream. They support clean, consumer-friendly label declarations. GNT

Nutritional lipid

NuliGo is a medium- and long-chain triglyceride (sMLCT) that combines the rapid energy of MCTs and longer-lasting energy of LCTs in a single molecule. By bringing easily accessible energy to muscles, the product spares protein for muscle-building, maintenance and recovery. When combined with the appropriate protein, it is a suitable ingredient for active adults targeting athletic performance, endurance, strength, enhanced mobility and post-injury recovery. It is available in oil and powdered formats and, based on clinical studies, can be used for sports nutrition, active aging and medical food products. Bunge 

Pea protein flavor enhancers

This suite of solutions is designed to help manufacturers overcome common formulation challenges that may be encountered when using pea protein in meat and meat alternative applications. Butter Buds Bacon enhances savory notes and harmonizes with spices, preventing flavor spikes and adding the desired fatty mouthfeel to meat analogues. Non-Dairy Buds Ghee and Non-Dairy Buds Asia can be used to achieve a buttery note in dairy alternatives. Non-Dairy Butter Flavor and Cocoa Butter Buds can be used to mask the off-notes of pea proteins and create a desirable mouthfeel in a variety of applications, such as protein drinks. Butter Buds

High-protein bakery ingredients

OvenPro provides a range of functionally beneficial ingredients that allow baked goods to contain higher levels of protein and fiber with low levels of sugar and net carbs. The keto-friendly series includes OvenPro Bread & Bread Zero Net Carb, OvenPro Cake and OvenPro QuickBread. They have 1:1 flour replacement formulated for quality PDCAAS to support excellent and good source claims for protein and fiber. They are easy to include in a formulation with similar functionality of wheat flour and usage levels that can be adjusted to achieve a variety of nutritional goals. Glanbia Nutritionals

Liquid caramel color for seltzers

The 4335 non-GMO Project Verified, low 4-MeI liquid caramel color is a Class IV double-strength color. It is versatile across a range of beverage applications, including soft drinks and colas, teas, distilled spirits, sparkling alcoholic drinks and hard seltzers. It also has a variety of uses by flavor houses and ingredient suppliers. It conforms to GRAS, FCC and GMP standards and has a tinctorial power of 0.320-0.350 and a hue index of 4.4 with pH of 3.0. Sethness Roquette

Rice flour like maltodextrin

SimPure 92260 soluble rice flour exhibits similar taste, texture and functionality as maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly used as a bulking agent and flavor carrier. As an ingredient, soluble rice flour also can be appealing for label-reading consumers. The flour provides similar viscosity attributes, bulking agent functionality and sensory profiles as 10 DE maltodextrin, enabling simple, one-to-one replacement in a variety of applications, including reduced-sugar bakery products, dairy, powdered beverages, convenience foods, sauces and dressings, snacks, cereals and bars, seasoning mixes and as a flavor carrier. In some applications, such as powdered chocolate milk beverages, it offers improved mouthfeel. Cargill

Dry-blend MFGM

Lacprodan Premium MFGM-10 is available in a dry-blend option. The milk fat globule membrane is found naturally in breast milk and is composed of phospholipids, glycolipids, proteins and glycoproteins. MFGM ingredients made from whey were introduced into the infant category to ensure that infants still can benefit from the key components of MFGM if breastfeeding is not possible. In addition to providing flexibility to produce more recipes from one base powder, the process requires high microbiological compliance throughout the entire batch of the ingredient, ensuring consistent quality and product safety. The ingredient is free from Cronobacter sakazakii, a bacterium that can cause serious infections in infants. Arla Foods Ingredients

Savory flavor bug

The Belostomatidae flavor is part of the growing trend of global insect consumption and has a sweet and fruity flavor. Its organoleptic profile is characterized by notes of anise, pear and coriander. The flavor can be used for savory and sweet applications, such as beverages, ice creams and sauces. Aromatech Thailand

Ingredient blend makes you slim

SlimBiome is a patented, dry blend of clean label ingredients that helps consumers to reduce food intake cravings by promoting the feeling of fullness and maintaining blood glucose levels while positively impacting gut microbiome composition. Developed with partner OptiBiotix Health, it contains a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, a trace mineral and dietary fibers to create a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, enhanced metabolism, and help in controlling food cravings. Applications include human nutrition spanning food and beverages, dairy, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. A four-week clinical study showed SlimBiome has a positive impact on gut microbiome composition, improves the user’s mood and reduces systolic blood pressure, weight/body fat and waist and hip circumference. Agropur Ingredients

Spirulina blue

The supplier’s partnership with Fleur de Vie, a French supplier of microalgae products, resulted in Spiruline Safe. The production process offers full traceability within a certified food safety environment and is sustainable, using the residual heat from a neighbor industrial site. Robertet

Ginger, ginseng, garlic for cardiovascular support

G-Cubed is a blended liquid formula, approved by Health Canada Approved and FDA compliant, for plant-based cardiovascular support. It's a proprietary blend of high MG levels of ginger, ginseng and black garlic in a 100% water soluble format. G-Cubed has a rich nutrient breakdown of ginsenosides, amino acids and peptides, vitamins (B1, B2, B12 and C), folic acid and sterols beneficial for heart health, glucose management and defense against free radicals. Infuse Your Life

ZMC beta carotene 22%

Brighten up your food products with ZMC Beta Carotene. It's a versatile antioxidant and an abundant source of vitamin A. It’s also an oil-suspending agent with superior stability – making it suitable for adding that perfect pop of color. It's Vegan, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Halal, Kosher, USP Grade and GFSI Certified. Farbest

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