USDA Sued Over GMO Label Rules

Aug. 5, 2020
A lawsuit against the federal government seeks changes to regulations around GMO labeling.

A coalition of consumer groups and other opponents of genetically modified organisms in food are suing the federal government, seeking changes to regulations around GMO labeling.

The suit charges that the label mandated by the 2016 law isn’t explicit enough with references to “bioengineering” and “bioengineered ingredients.” The use of that label isn’t mandated until 2022, but some processors are now using it voluntarily.

The lawsuit was filed July 27 in federal court in Portland, Ore., by the Center for Food Safety, Natural Grocers, Citizens for GMO Labeling, Good Earth Natural Foods and others, against the USDA. It seeks to have the language on the label changed to “genetically modified” or “genetically engineered.” In addition, the plaintiffs want to overturn a rule stating that GMO ingredients need not trigger the label requirement if they are processed before being incorporated into the final product. They also oppose allowing marketers to furnish GMO information online via a scannable code on labeling.

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