Product Focus: Salty Snacks

May 25, 2018
As consumers shift from sweet to salty snacks, food processors are taking note by launching savory snacks.
America is snacking its way through each day. The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Wash., reports that 91 percent of consumers snack multiple times throughout the day. Snacking is so entwined with food and beverage culture that it now accounts for 50 percent of all eatings.

Both sweet and savory snacks are popular. Chips, however, are the go-to-snack for more than three-fourths of Americans. Keep in mind, the chips category has changed dramatically in recent years. While potato chips are a mainstay, other vegetables are getting sliced and baked or puffed into better-for-you options.

Research from Euromonitor shows that consumers around the world are more frequently choosing savory snacks over sweet ones. From nuts and seeds to vegetable and pulse snacks, the category has been the poster child of growth across the globe. Globally, 30 percent of all snacks sales in 2017 came from savory snacks; in North America that share reached 40 percent.

Salty snacks account for more than half of savory snack sales. Within salty snacks, potato chips lead thanks to their established presence in the U.S. and the U.K., and their growth in China, where potato chips overtook rice snacks in 2014. Another category to watch out for is nuts, seeds and trail mixes, which has overtaken savory crackers in the U.S. for the first time in 2017. Other savory snacks gaining traction include jerky and cheese.

“The move toward savory snacks is motivated by what has been dubbed a backlash against sugar." - Pinar Hosafci, senior food analyst at Euromonitor International

Products of Note

A New Take on Tacos from ConAgra

Conagra Brands Inc. is rolling out Bigs Taco Bell Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds. The salty snack combines large fire-roasted sunflower seeds with the spicy taco flavor and signature crunch associated with the nation’s leading Mexican-inspired quick-service restaurant. The seeds combine all the flavors of the popular Taco Supreme, from the spicy meat and corn shell to the cheese, lettuce, sour cream and tomato toppings. The boldly flavored snack comes in 5.35-oz bags with a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Party Like it’s Friday with TGI Fridays Snacks,

Who’s ready to party? The TGI Fridays snack line from Inventure Foods Inc., known for its bold, restaurant-inspired creations, is encouraging all snack fans to indulge and celebrate the weekend with its newest offerings. Largely inspired by original Fridays dishes, the new varieties feature delicious twists on the classics. Chipotle Cheese and Cheddar Bacon Party Bites come in 2.25-oz bags. The Sriracha Ranch Potato Skins are available in 3-oz bags. Both concepts have a suggested retail price of 1.99 per package.

Hot on the Ice with Rold Gold,

Rold Gold, the flagship pretzel brand from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, is setting the pretzel market on fire with the introduction of Flamin’ Hot Thin Crisps. This new salty snack concept combines thin pretzel crisps with the same flavor popularized by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Its rollout coincides with Rold Gold’s new partnership with the National Hockey League for a multi-year deal as The Official Snack of the NHL. Rold Gold will advertise in ice arenas during NHL games and eventually include the NHL Shield on Rold Gold packaging.

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