Are You Ready for the Age of Transparency?

Nov. 14, 2014
Food Processing and Putman Media Events have partnered with The Center for Food Integrity to bring you The Food Leaders Summit in 2015.

Paraphrasing hockey great Wayne Gretzky, do you know where consumers will be a few years down the road? For that matter, are you sure you know where they are now?

While consumers are a diverse group, they’re united by one pursuit: wanting to know what’s in their food. From millennials to baby boomers and vegans to protein-eaters, they’re turning to the Food Network, celebrity chefs and doctors for advice about food. Oh, and fear-mongering bloggers, too.

Therein lies a big challenge.

“Transparency and rebuilding consumer trust” will be one of the key themes in Food Processing’s The Food Leaders Summit 2015. The conference will be April 27-29 at the Westin Chicago River North hotel in downtown Chicago.

It’s designed for executives and managers, product developers and marketers at all food & beverage companies who want to grow in the years ahead.

Limited to 250 attendees, it will be big enough for some critical mass on important issues, but small enough to allow for networking and interaction with speakers.

“Growth through transformative change” is the event’s tagline, and by that we mean a sea change in attitudes and business practices.

Efficiency, food safety and nutrition have been hallmarks of this food business for decades, and they’re taken for granted by consumers.

But now consumers are looking for something the bigger food & beverage industry is ill prepared to deliver: transparency.

It’s moving the needle in sales of organic, natural and other “clean” label foods. Do you want a piece of this action, or are your old methods sufficient to carry your company into 2020 and beyond?

For a large part of our effort on building consumer trust, we have partnered with The Center for Food Integrity. Its CEO Charlie Arnot will lead frank discussions about genetically engineered ingredients; organic, natural and “clean” labeling; and sustainability and other social issues important to your customers.

Get ready for this new age of transparency. Be one of the 250 food leaders. Attend the Food Leaders Summit.

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