Ingredient Round Up: Savory Flavors

Feb. 17, 2010
Food processing flavors that make consumer's mouths go mmmmm.
Evolutionary chicken flavorsTasteEssentials Chicken, a range of distinctive, innovative and authentic chicken flavors, was created from a survey of 7,300 consumers in 14 countries and chefs in 10 countries to explore how chicken is cooked and consumed. This enables food manufacturers to rapidly identify their precise chicken essence, signature and aroma needs. Using this unique insight, a wide and captivating range of distinctive, innovative and authentic chicken flavors were identified. TasteEssential Chicken flavors are suitable for low-sodium, allergen-free and clean label applications. Givaudan Flavors Corp.; Cincinnati
Authentic natural beef flavorsCulinary benchmarks created by an international team of research chefs led to the CulinEssence approach to flavor creation. The resulting beef flavor is global in scope, but flavor profiles have been localized to the taste preferences in different regions. In Europe, the flavor profiles include Rare, Marrow Bone, Boiled, Roast, Grilled, and Stewed Beef, satisfying consumer demands for authenticity. North American consumers most liked the comforting, nostalgic, home-cooked qualities associated with grilled, roasted and braised flavor profiles. The flavor range is free of MSG, HVP and allergens, and is suitable for use in bouillon, soups, gravies, marinades and noodles.International Flavors & Fragrances; New York
Custom Kosher ingredientsKosher food sales have been growing at twice the rate of the overall food market, much of this growth attributable to consumers’ concern about food safety. The vendor develops custom ingredient systems, such as coatings, breadings and marinades, that optimize texture, flavors and cost – and they can be developed in Kosher versions These ingredient systems are manufactured on controlled lines and the ingredients are identified, stored, handled and packaged according to Kosher standards – as certified by KOF-K.Advanced Food Systems Inc.; Somerset, N.J.
Culinary Collection Flavors debut Culinary Collection Flavors, a liquid seasoning line with authentic cooked and fresh profiles, has been designed to allow food technologists to imitate the authentic cooked onion and garlic profiles from typical culinary techniques. The initial launch includes Sautéed Sweet Onion, Caramelized Onion and Smoked Garlic. Developed through the collaboration of a cross-functional team that included culinary chefs, application and analytical scientists, flavorists and sensory experts, the Culinary Collection line provides the development chef with the flavor and aroma that meets culinary standards. The flavors are available in oleoresin or aquaresin delivery systems.Kalsec; Kalamazoo, Mich.
Simply savory powdersBeef Products in powdered form offer flavorful, cost-effective formulations to food processors, contain no artificial ingredients or chemical antioxidants, and are only minimally processed to retain all their natural goodness. Powdered Beef Broth #5432, a savory blend of beef extract and select flavorings, has a beefy, meaty flavor and fills a niche where pure “beef extract” is not necessary, but real “beef extract” is needed for labeling. Powdered Beef #5013, made from beef trim without fillers, has a rich brown color with a meaty, beefy flavor. Powdered Beef Fat #5525 is white in color with a creamy texture. Powdered Beef Fat and Broth #5760 has a rich bold flavor with a smooth mouthfeel. And Powdered Beef Fat #5761 offers a rich cream color, smooth mouthfeel, and light, roasted beef notes.International Dehydrated Foods; Springfield, Mo.
Activating energy metabolismAn FDA non-objection letter acknowledges as GRAS new ingredient dihydrocapsiate, one of the capsinoid family of compounds structurally similar to capsaicin, the component that provides pungency to hot chili peppers. Capsaicin has long been recognized as a compound that increases metabolism and energy expenditure. Like capsaicin, capsinoids activate certain receptors in the body that affect energy metabolism, but they are virtually non-pungent, and beneficial applications are being exploredAjinomoto Food Ingredients; Chicago
Zesty new dip flavors Savory dip flavors -- complete blends intended to mix with sour cream, cream cheese or a dip base -- include: Asiago Spinach (including cheese, whey and buttermilk), Buffalo Wing & Bleu Cheese (including crisp tomato and green onion), Cheddar Jack Black Bean (a Tex-Mex-style seasoning with the kick of Monterey Jack cheese and spices), Chili con Queso (sweet, tangy chilies covered in a rich cheddar sauce), Onion (with green chili peppers, chipotle chili peppers, garlic and paprika) and Peruvian Sour Orange (a spicy and sour orange flavor unlike any other).Wixon Inc.; St. Francis, Wis.
A taste of LouisianaSavory creations can be custom-made to transform base formulations into unique products celebrating Louisiana flavors. Varieties include Beignet, Café Du Monde Coffee; Crab & Shrimp Boil, Alligator and Andouille Sausage. These regional flavors compliment beverages, savory creations, desserts and more. GSB Flavor Creators; Kennesaw, Ga.

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