Ingredient Round Up: Fiber

June 3, 2010
We get to the bulk of the matter with this month's ingredient round up.
Lower in starch, higher in fiberSustagrain is an identity-preserved, waxy, hulless barley variety. The vendor claims it's the first commercially available whole grain product that is high in dietary fiber and lower in starch. It delivers two to eight times the fiber of other whole grains, plus cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, which makes it a heart-healthy ingredient for preserving In fact, in May 2006, the FDA approved a heart-health label claim for soluble fiber from barley foods. Sustagrain can be used not only to boost the fiber but also to enhance the flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional composition in a variety of applications.ConAgra Mills; Omaha, Neb.
Heart-health benefits in beveragesBarliv is a beta-glucan soluble fiber derived from whole grain barley and has been clinically shown to lower cholesterol. A naturally derived soluble fiber, its purity and unique low viscosity make it virtually invisible in beverage applications. Providing the same heart health benefits as oatmeal, it is suitable for beverages, snacks and cereals, and can now be formulated in beverages. The European Food Safety Authority issued a scientific opinion in October 2009 that the relationship between consuming beta-glucan and healthy blood cholesterol was confirmed: a significant step in enabling a health claim in the EU. Cargill Health & Nutrition; Minneapolis
Almond fiber alternativeWhen compared ounce for ounce with other tree nuts, almonds are the nut highest in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin. Almonds may have a prebiotic effect, providing benefits supportive of your GI tract in maintaining immunity and overall well-being. The recommended serving of almonds (28g or 23 almonds) provides 3.5g dietary fiber and, in a recent study, scientists observed that people who regularly eat almonds tend to weigh less than people who do not - even though they tend to eat more calories over the course of a day. Researchers also found that the fiber in almonds appears to block some of the fat they contain, so almonds may provide fewer calories to the body than the amount the food label states. Almond Board of California; Modesto, Calif.
Oat fibersNatural oat fiber is produced from food-grade oat hulls through a proprietary, chemical-free process, turning organic hulls into various organic fibers. Oat fiber has uses in bakery products, ready-to-eat cereals, meat extenders and snacks and is available in two different water absorptions: standard-absorption BCS20 (200 percent w.a.) and higher-absorption BCS30 (300 percent w.a.). Also, natural oat fiber can be treated with a peroxide solution for a lighter tint. And a hydrocolloid fiber is a proprietary blend of finely ground high-fibers, with superior hydrophylic (water) and lipophilic (oil) holding properties.Grain Millers Inc.; Eugene, Ore.
Gluten-replacement solutionWith demand for gluten-free foods on the rise, Methocel gluten replacer, a plant-based gluten-replacement solution, promises to put an end to flat and stodgy or dry and tasteless gluten-free food options – a bonus for manufacturers and gluten-intolerant foodies alike. The fiber product also enhances food by providing moistness throughout shelf-life, preventing collapse during baking and avoiding the gas or bloating effects associated with many other sources of fiber. Methocel as a gluten replacement frees manufacturers from process performance or quality restrictions.Dow Wolff Cellulosics; Midland, Mich.
Functional fiber benefits go organicL58 Organic is an organic liquid fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) that is certified organic by BCS Öko, Germany, under the USDA National Organic Program standards. Produced from organic sugar, it offers the opportunity to enter the organic food market segment worldwide. It can be used as a prebiotic fiber, promoting good digestive health and it can be used to replace sugar in applications including yogurt, ice cream, breakfast cereals and cereal bars, as well as baked goods and other bakery products.Beneo-Orafti; Morris Plains, N.J.
Fiber for a healthy gut New clinical research conducted at Provident Clinical Research found that foods incorporating 25g per day of Promitor resistant starch, a natural dietary fiber, into the diet promotes regularity in healthy adults without producing significant gastrointestinal side effects. Adding bulk also may promote the health of the colon by speeding up transit through the digestive system. And the faster food moves through the digestive tract, the less frequently harmful compounds, such as carcinogens, come in contact with the digestive system. Functional properties include high crystallinity, heat stability and low water-holding. Applications include breads, snack bars, crackers, bakery products and mixes, snacks, cereal coatings and tortillas.Tate & Lyle; Decatur, Ill.
Improve digestion and immunityAnimal studies indicate that LuraLean, a condensed dietary fiber, stimulates growth of the gastrointestinal microflora Bifidobacteria, which improves digestion and bolsters the immune system. Similar to prebiotics such as FOS and inulin, the body cannot assimilate the carbohydrates LuraLean contains because the enzymes in the small intestine are unable to transform them into glucose and mannose. The extremely high fiber content -- every 100g contains 97g of pure fiber -- helps foster an environment in the digestive tract that is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria. Once expanded in the system, LuraLean promotes a feeling of satiety.AHD International; Atlanta

Fiber plus probiotics
The vendor in May began promoting a “concept” of combining some of its premium probiotic strains -- e.g., BB-12 -- with select fibers to combat constipation. The company claims a “documented effect on constipation,” and was sampling some of the combinations in 6g sticks at the Vitafoods show in Geneva in May.Chr. Hansen Inc.; Milwaukee

Stabilizer as fiber
Dairy companies looking to emphasize soluble fiber can create high-fiber yogurts and dairy-based drinks, especially for probiotics. Pretested Dairyblend YG FB 3 is one of a line of high-fiber yogurt stabilizers and is comprised of a unique blend of hydrocolloids and modified food starch. The gum blend provides 4g of fiber per serving, while allowing for a creamy, heavy-set body preferred by yogurt manufacturers and their consumers. Typical usage levels are between 4.0 and 6.0 percent.TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.

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