Ingredients and Processing Under One Roof

April 13, 2010
FPSA's Process Expo joins IFT's Food Expo for the first time this July.

This summer's Food Expo, July 16-20 in Chicago, will be a different show, because it's no longer just the Institute of Food Technologists' Food Expo. There across the mezzanine in the North Hall of Chicago's McCormick Place will be miles of processing equipment, courtesy of the Food Processing Suppliers Association and its Process Expo.

Both of these shows have long histories. Process Expo has been around in various forms for 100 years. For the past 13 years it was co-located with the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute's Pack Expo, making it a fall show. The association of equipment makers hopes teaming up with IFT will bring new vitality and a food-only focus to their show.

Process Expo expects to have 350 exhibitors taking up 100,000 sq. ft.

The IFT annual meeting and show has been a tradition for 80 years. Although it alternates between Chicago and three coastal locations, the Chicago shows always have been the heaviest draws, packing in 23,000 the last time it was in the Windy City (as compared to 14,500 last year in Anaheim, Calif.).

The IFT Food Expo estimates it will have 760 exhibitors covering better than 200,000 sq. ft. Attendance at the combined shows is expected to be 20,000.
One registration works for both shows. (Register Here)

The event actually begins on Friday, July 16, with a day full of IFT short courses — 10 of them, some of them one-day only, some two days in length. They range from “Food Processing & Packaging for Product Developers” to “Recent Advances in the Development of Grain-Based Products Promoting Health.” Most carry continuing education credits, and all involve charges beyond Food Expo attendance.

Saturday, July 17, has IFT volunteer and social activities, including a career fair and IFT member awards.

The show hits full stride Sunday, July 18, through Tuesday, July 20, with keynote addresses, technical sessions and the show floor.

Each association has its own committee meetings and special events each day. The following pages provide a glimpse of several booths worth visiting during the show.



Bunge North America is a leading supplier of edible oils and shortening ingredients ranging from bulk commodity to premium packaged value-added products. Bunge's Oil Experts will be previewing our next generation of oil and shortening product solutions as well as sampling various products prepared with these solutions for healthier fat profile.

Our team of Oil Experts offers innovative ingredient solutions that can help you:

  • Eliminate trans fat and optimize saturated fats while increasing stability via our No Trans (NT) or Reduced Trans (RT) technologies
  • Remove hydrogenation from your label with our Non Hydrogenated (NH) technology 
  • Our new UltraBlend enzymatic interesterfied line of all-purpose shortenings utilizes domestically sourced soybean oil via a sustainable process to remove trans fats while optimizing saturated fats for cookies, crackers, cakes, tortillas, pies and more! The result: great tasting drop-in replacements that bring the "all" back to all-purpose shortening.

Are you ever challenged with matching the plasticity of your shortening for specific applications? Stop by Bunge's booth 4047 to see our state-of-the-art Consist-O-Meter tool, designed to measure and compare shortening product plasticity.

Trust the Oil Experts, trust Bunge.


IFT Booth 4047



Seeking a tasteful top-note, reducing reliance on dairy commodities, or looking for a way to mask off-notes in better-for-you foods? Stop by Booth 4342 and discover what Edlong has in store for you.

Edlong specializes in six main flavor categories in a variety of forms and solubilities and offers a complete line of no-added diacetyl products available in Cheese, Butter, Milk & Cream, Cultured, Sweet Dairy and Functional Dairy flavors. Edlong also delivers an impressive line of flavors for natural and clean label products, including non-GM and Kosher Pareve flavors and ingredients. Edlong's Technical Solutions has the experience and dedication to make your dips, sauces, biscuits, crackers and side dishes stand apart from the competition.

Its reputation for outstanding service and award-winning dairy flavors makes Edlong the perfect partner for your project development needs. Contact Edlong for more information and discover how its Dynamic Dairy Solutions can work for you.

888-MY-TASTE (698-2783);

IFT Booth 4342



A winner of the 2009 IFT Innovation Award, EnWave's patented nutraREV dehydration technology can be used to dry fruits, vegetables, low-fat snacks, herbs, meats and seafood. NutraREV has proven itself to be faster and cheaper than freeze drying, while still creating a product with similar or better flavor, color, texture, nutrients and re-hydration properties. NutraREV operates at around one-third of the energy cost of freeze drying with up to 80 percent savings in capital cost, and drying takes minutes rather than days.


IFT Booth 4681


Gum Technology

Using our gum technology, we create synergistic systems allowing for more highly functional and cost-effective stabilizers. This, of course, is in addition to our complete line of gums that are sold as individual components. Think of our hydrocolloid lab as your hydrocolloid lab. Talk with our stabilizer specialists and receive guidance on which gum blends or gums work best for your application.

877-GUM-TECH (486-8324);

IFT Booth 5956



Roquette, Offering the Best of Nature, is one of the world's most advanced producers of starch and starch derivatives by transforming renewable resources corn, wheat, potatoes and peas into an extensive line of high-quality ingredients for a wide range of food and non-food industries throughout the world. Roquette also is a leading expert in polyols, pyrogen free raw materials and dry sweeteners.

We're a leading global manufacturer of healthy ingredients and solutions for markets such as confectionary and chocolate, baked goods, beverages, fruit products, dairy products, savory snacks, meat and fish products, sauces, dressings and soups as well as dietary supplements and more. Our solutions provide our customers with nutritionally balanced, great tasting choices for consumers featuring Nutralys all natural, non-allergenic pea protein; Nutriose soluble fiber; SweetPearl crystalline maltitol; and Polysorb FM fiber-enhanced maltitol syrup. Let us share our expertise in the creation of new and existing formulations.


IFT Booth 3747



3M is the leading global manufacturer of innovative solutions that help the food industry optimize the quality and safety of their products for consumers. At every step, 3M provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line.

Solutions from 3M help food industry professionals succeed in achieving the highest food safety standards possible. We develop, manufacture and market products that cover a broad spectrum of sample preparation, identification, testing and monitoring needs. In addition, our dedicated team of professionals offers unmatched technical service and support around the world.

As the food industry faces increased globalization of the food supply, heightened consumer awareness and media scrutiny, and new regulatory pressures, 3M is a dedicated partner in protecting the global food supply by helping our customers bring quality and safety to the table and protecting their brand and reputation.


IFT Booth 5874

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