June 2009 Ingredient Round-Up: Fiber

May 29, 2009
June's ingredient round-up focuses on fiber.

Fermentable fiber
Fermentable fiber (prebiotic) has been shown to mitigate many digestive diseases and improve overall digestive health. Nutriose is a family of soluble dietary fibers that are resistant to digestion, instantly dispersible and have only 2.1 kcal per gram. They are white, free-flowing powders that can be used in natural foods and beverages, are easy to use and have a neutral taste. Additionally, the fibers are clear and colorless in solution without any viscosifying impact. Research indicates probably no other nutrient directly plays as direct a role in the physiology and health of the large intestine as dietary fiber.
National Starch Food Innovation; Bridgewater, N.J.

Fiber for glucose control
A new study finds that products manufactured with either Promitor Soluble Corn Fiber or Promitor Resistant Starch have been found to produce lower glycemic and insulin responses. The lower responses may help to prevent the roller coaster of sugar spikes and crashes, which could lead to improved weight management and better blood glucose control, especially for those battling diabetes. The fiber products can be easily incorporated into a large range of food and beverage applications without compromising great taste and texture, and therefore can be used to help promote digestive health and immunity, and obesity and weight management for the entire family.
Tate & Lyle PLC; Decatur, Ill.

Nuts about fiber
The recommended serving of almonds (28g or 23 almonds) not only is an excellent source of vitamins, but also provides 3.5g of dietary fiber and, in a recent study, scientists observed that people who regularly eat them tend to weigh less than people who do not -- even though they tend to eat more calories over the course of a day. When compared ounce for ounce, they are the nut highest in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin. Additionally, the researchers found that the fiber in them appears to block some of the fat they contain.
Almond Board of California; Modesto, Calif.

Fiber for yogurt
Dairy companies are adding to the nutrient-dense attributes of their products by including high amounts of soluble fiber. A new high-fiber yogurt stabilizer, TIC Pretested Dairyblend YG FB 3, is comprised of a unique blend of hydrocolloids and modified food starch. The gum blend provides 4g of fiber per serving while allowing for a creamy, heavy-set body preferred by yogurt manufacturers and their consumers. It has a typical usage level of between 4.0 and 6.0 percent, and it excels in its flexibility to harsh processing conditions and a higher fiber content.
TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.

Frozen fiber
A new grade of LuraLean fiber has been developed for use in all types of frozen foods. Proven to promote weight loss, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support regularity, the new form maintains its efficacy completely when flash frozen and can be used in a variety of frozen functional food products including: pizzas; pasta meals; burritos, wraps and pocket sandwiches; breakfast items such as toaster pastries and waffles; as well as cakes, pies and dessert items. It comes as an extremely fine mesh powder that delivers a smooth mouth feel in addition to being freeze-, pH-, salt- and sugar-stable When consumed, this product expands and promotes a feeling of satiety.
AHD International; Atlanta

Many applications
Meat industry customers desire increased yields, alternatives to synthetically manufactured ingredients, marinade retention and improved water holding capacity. Z Trim offers all that and more in a manner that contributes to a consumer-friendly label. It offers a multitude of benefits across food categories because it is a taste-neutral, prebiotic, insoluble/soluble dietary fiber that improves texture, stabilizes emulsions, controls water activity and replaces fat and calories while increasing yields.
World Technology Ingredients; Mundelein, Ill.

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