July 2009 Ingredient Round Up: Gums and hydrocolloids

July 1, 2009
Our July Ingredients Round Up focuses on gums and hydrocolloids

Two new xanthans
Satiaxane xanthan gum CX 800 is a highly versatile, 80-mesh product that stabilizes, suspends, thickens and improves texture. Typical applications include dressings, sauces, mayonnaises, frozen desserts, dairy, fruit preparations, bakery products, syrups and meat products. Satiaxane xanthan gum CX 801 is a fine mesh product offering rapid hydration for instant foods such as dry mix beverages, soups, dressings, desserts and bakery mixes. Both grades are Halal and Kosher certified.
Cargill; Wayzata, Minn.

A blend of gums
Coyote Brand Fenuxan is an all-natural blend of fenugreek gum and xanthan gum, which work synergistically to create a stronger stabilizing system than either gum alone. In baked goods, it will prevent water migration, extend shelf life, provide added structure and add fiber. This blend will increase the volume of cake batters and create a silky pliability in yeast doughs. Because it is used at a low percentage it will not adversely affect the viscosity of batters and doughs. It also provides more stability to the final product and is appropriate for gluten-free diets.
Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

Next-generation emulsifier
Q-Naturale is a next-generation emulsifier that can free the international food and beverage markets from growing price and supply-chain pressures related to gum arabic. It’s a natural, powerful surfactant, which provides stable microemulsions by forming micelles around oil droplets. Compared to gum arabic, Q-Naturale quillaja works in extremely low concentrations, is stable in a wider range of pH and temperatures, comes as a liquid without need for dissolution and hydration and is easy to formulate. The product is all-natural, FDA approved/GRAS and meets FEMA 2973 and Kosher standards. It is also available in an organic version.
National Starch Food Innovation; Bridgewater, N.J.

Latin-inspired beverages
Cultured dairy products such as yogurt and kefir drinks are popular in Hispanic households. Dairyblend YG HF Drink-2 is an all-natural stabilizer designed to bolster drinkable yogurt with added fiber. Its blend of hydrocolloids provides a smooth, creamy texture. Companion Dairyblend KFR LV is a combination of organic gums and starch. When added to kefir and yogurt drinks, KFR LV provides 3g of fiber per serving, in addition to ensuring a full mouthfeel and uniformity throughout the product’s shelf life.
TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.

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