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August 2009 Ingredient Roundup - Dairy-Based Flavors and Ingredients

July 30, 2009
Our August round up of ingredients includes items that will make your butter melt.
Dairy without diacetylIn many starter distillates, the diacetyl content can run as high as 5 percent. With OSHA recommending warning labels on flavors containing 1 percent or more diacetyl, this could be an issue for your firm. The vendor now has starter distillate replacements in their extensive portfolio: Natural Starter Distillate-Type Flavor #1411046-Powder and Natural Starter Distillate-Type Flavor #1411319-Liquid. These flavors are non-dairy, kosher pareve, contain no-added diacetyl and are non-GMO. Applications include seasonings, sauces, biscuits and cookies.Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.
www.edlong.comEnhancing low-fat ice creamCreated from real dairy products using a proprietary enzyme process, Butter Buds natural dairy concentrates produce an exceptionally rich flavor with a fuller, more complex mouthfeel perception similar to that produced by fats, according to a study. Butter Buds can be used at extremely low application levels, saving on ingredients cost. According to the study, low-fat ice cream mix is 60 percent cheaper than the full-fat mix because of the reduction in full-fat milk and cream, the most expensive ingredient in ice cream.Butter Buds Food Ingredients; Racine, Wis.

Reducing fat, sodium in cheese
Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium Process Cheese contains 50 percent less fat and 35 percent less sodium than traditional process cheese without sacrificing the authentic cheese flavor, creamy mouthfeel and melt characteristics of process cheese. It also contains less cholesterol, fewer calories and more calcium and can be customized to meet preferences for color, flavor, melt, and pack size. As a standard of identity, Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium Process Cheese can be listed as “cheese” on an ingredient statement and, depending on the finished product formulation.
Land O’Lakes Ingredient Solutions; Minneapolis

Dairy-based flavor portfolio
Providing product developers with natural flavor options to complement or replace cheese, milk and cream ingredients, DairyBoost technology is a family of natural cheese, milk and cream flavor systems that deliver true taste fidelity from proprietary dairy-based delivery systems. An expansive portfolio of dairy-based flavors is specifically designed to address the challenges of formulating food products with dairy-based ingredients.
Sensient Flavors LLC; Indianapolis

Dairy-derived prebiotic
The Vivinal GOS dairy-derived prebiotic product range has garnered extensive scientific support for its digestive health benefits and stimulation of immune function. It is also able to assist in the improvement of calcium absorption in the body. Heat and acid stable, it is suitable for use in acidic and fruit-based drinks, but can also be used in other food and beverage applications.
Friesland Foods Domo USA; Chicago

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