Customers Turn to Social Networking to Express Opinions on Cilantro

Feb. 17, 2009

It used to be that when you didn't like a particular food, you'd tell a few family members and/or friends and that would be the end of it.

With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can not only declare your love -- or hatred -- for a particular food, but you can advertise it and create a posse all in support of your opinion.

Welcome to Food 2.0 folks.

Take the case of Cilantro. This article reveals an almost viral attempt to shut out the herb that is a well known ingredient in guacamoles and salsas. Cilantro hating groups are cropping up all over Facebook at a rampant speed.  

Not to be outdone, cilantro lovers have taken to their Facebook profiles and are creating pro-Cilantro groups.

While on some level this pro- or anti-cilantro debate seems comical, the root of the issue is something all food companies should keep on their radar. Whether you like it or not, your product is up for public debate on a scale the likes of which you've never seen before.

Are you ready?

Obviously, we couldn't resist asking: