VitaGranate Activates Heart-healthy Enzyme

Oct. 10, 2008

VitaGranate Pomegranate Extract, a standardized pomegranate extract, was found to be an activator of the heart-health-influencing enzyme Paraoxonase 1 (PON1), according to the results of a recent study. According to ex vivo study results, VitaGranate stimulated PON1 in human serum by as much as 47 percent. The extract is made with premium quality pomegranate and is standardized to ellagic acid and punicaligins. Research has identified the importance of the enzyme PON1 in lipid metabolism and in the prevention of the onset of various chronic diseases. Normal active levels of PON1 have been associated with healthy HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL (low density lipoprotein) levels.  PON1 stimulation reduces the oxidation of LDL that can form plaque along arterial walls. Stimulation of PON1 also has been reported to protect HDL from oxidation, an activity essential in the prevention of atherosclerosis due to the fact that HDL is essential for the removal of excess cholesterol from tissues. Recent science also suggests that increases in PON1 activity may aid in the prevention of macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and in promoting overall longevity and health.
FutureCeuticals Inc.; Momence, Ill.

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