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High-Fiber Flour Alternative Doesn't Sacrifice Taste, Texture, or Appearance

Aug. 7, 2008
Add dietary fiber to your baked goods without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance
ActiStar RT resistant tapioca starch is a virtually invisible source of dietary fiber and can replace flour in a wide array of baked goods. With about 80 percent total dietary fiber, ActiStar RT contains one of the highest total dietary fiber (TDF) levels of any resistant starch, permitting reduced inclusion levels to achieve a TDF target. It also provides a lower calorie contribution than ingredients it typically replaces. With a low water-holding capacity, it permits high levels of inclusion with few formulation changes and a non-gummy texture. Tapioca, the source of resistant starch, is the blandest of all starches, so it does not detract from the desired taste, texture or appearance of finished products. Key applications include breads, rolls, buns, pizza, tortillas, cakes, muffins and cookies.

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