Ingredients And Formulation: Ingredient Round-Up April 2008 - Sweeteners

April 1, 2008
April's Ingredient round up features non-nutritive sweeteners from Wixon, Danisco Sweeteners and other ingredient companies.

Zero everything
Formerly known as Eridex erythritol, Zerose is an organic, all-natural bulk sweetener that tastes and functions like sugar in beverages, dairy products and confections. Like sugar, it reduces water activity in a food product, provides volume and provides the freeze point depression needed in many frozen treats. It tastes 60 to 70 percent as sweet as sugar so people can reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing taste. The all-natural sweetener contains zero sugar, zero calories, zero aftertaste and zero artificial ingredients. It is also noncariogenic, non-glycemic and non-insulemic.
Cargill Inc.; Minneapolis

Snack bars
Traditional meal breaks are often replaced by on-the-go snacks. With this in mind, Litesse polydextrose enables snack bar products that are intended to meet different lifestyle situations without compromising the exceptional taste and texture required for commercial success. Formulated with wholesome ingredients, the bars typically have reduced sugar with added minerals and vitamins. Litesse is a proven soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that improves digestive health and well-being.
Danisco Sweeteners; Copenhagen, Denmark

Clinical trial for tagatose

Tagatose, a natural, low-calorie sugar that has been used sparingly as a sweetener, recently entered a yearlong clinical trial to study its positive affects on Type 2 diabetes. The Baltimore Sun and Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism magazine reported the study, which focuses less on tagatose’s sweetening power but more on its low absorption rate. It also might stimulate insulin secretion.

Mag-nifiqueT Sweet Lift contains a proprietary blend of natural flavors that synergistically works with sugar to enhance sweetness perception. It can reduce the sugar content in flavored waters by 50 percent. It also may be used in any application containing sugar, both foods and beverages, which means less sugar with the same sweet flavor. It does not break down or alter during cooking, freezing or when stored on the shelf.
Wixon Inc.; St. Francis, Wis.
Sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener that is made from sugar but is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar. In addition to its sugar-like taste, Splenda sucralose retains its sweetness through commonly used food and beverage manufacturing processes and also throughout the shelf life of finished products. Its versatility enables food and beverage manufacturers to offer consumers a range of great tasting, reduced-calorie products.
Tate & Lyle Plc; London Suitable for flavored water

Burns body fat
Recent studies confirm the low-glycemic carbohydrate Palatinose promotes utilization of body fat as an energy source and thus improves metabolic fat oxidation in comparison with other carbohydrates. It is therefore the only carbohydrate to provide a sustained supply of energy in the form of glucose while supporting fat mobilization. Not only can athletes profit from a sustained supply of energy in the form of glucose, they can also obtain a greater amount of energy from their own body fats. Whether for weight management or training, this sweetener opens up new product positioning for functional drinks.
Palatinit GmbH; Mannheim, Germany

Specialty sweetener blends
Easy-to-use, category-centric sweetener blends have been designed to lower caloric content in finished goods while maintaining flavor profiles. BakeSweet was created to reduce sugar/sucrose levels in cakes, cookies, bakery mixes, fillings and icings. GumSweet, designed for use in sugar-free gums, offers a 300 S.E. flavor that aids in flavor enhancement and will help sweetness and flavor last longer. TwoSweet, a proprietary synergistic blend, offers excellent sucrose flavor for carbonated beverages, fruit drinks and powdered beverage mixes.
Univar USA; Redmond, Wash.

Slower glycemic response
NRGylose  (isomaltose) is a tooth-friendly, slow-digesting sweetener with a low glycemic index. While it has the same caloric value as sugar, this product is digested much more slowly than sucrose resulting in a low glycemic response. Energy is spread across a longer period of time and any increase in blood-sugar level is more moderate, and therefore any increase in insulin levels is moderate, too. This feature makes it an essential sweetener for diabetics and pre-diabetics, and its sustained energy makes it very useful for sports nutrition. It can be added to a wide spectrum of formulations including energy drinks, sports and isotonic drinks, products for diabetics, candy and chocolate bars, milk drinks, yogurts, soft-drinks and cereals.
Gadot Biochemical Industries, Haifa Bay, Israel

Prickly pear cactus
The OpunDia product line includes a proprietary extract of the pads and fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica (prickly pear cactus) for use in dietary supplements, foods and beverages to support healthy blood glucose levels. Prickly pear cactus has a long history in Latin America of use in managing blood glucose levels. The extract has been shown in animal studies to reduce blood glucose levels by as much as 20 percent and is now the subject of a human clinical study.
MB North America Inc.; Torrance, Calif.

Healthier lifestyle
NutraSweet aspartame helps provide consumers with a wide variety of good-tasting, low-calorie products that are easily incorporated into a healthful lifestyle. This product is 200 times sweeter than sugar, it tastes sweet and clean, enhances and extends flavor and does not promote tooth decay. It is a beneficial sweetener for weight control and also for people with diabetes.
Premium Ingredients Intl.; Carol Stream, Ill.

Catch some Zs
Z Sweet is an erythritol (sugar alcohol) sweetener that does not cause cavities and is so low in calories at .2 per gram as to be considered noncaloric. It can be used in baking, whereas a number of other sugar substitutes cannot. It doesn’t provide the same bulk or moisture absorption of sucrose, and is only about two-thirds as sweet (60-80 percent), but it has no negative aftertaste unless consumed in large concentrations.
Ventana Health Inc.; San Clemente, Calif.
866-227-9338; www.

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