October 2007 Ingredient Round-Up - Fat Replacers

Oct. 31, 2007
Octobers's Ingredient Round-Up features fat replaces in low- and zero-trans fat varieties, butter flavors and dairy replacers. Read on for the latest formulations from Kraft Food Ingredients, Gum Technology Corp. and many more.

Low or zero trans

Technical expertise combined with a partnership approach and wide product breadth -- canola, tropical, soy, cotton, sunflower, and more -- result in solutions that range from proprietary/customized products to specialty shortenings and oils to standard product offerings. The vendor’s portfolio includes TransAdvantage shortenings, which were designed as low trans alternatives to traditional shortenings, and TransEnd, a zero trans (per standard serving size) solid shortening that also has a lower saturated fat content.

Cargill; Minneapolis

Toasted butter flavor

Food processors and foodservice operators are able to give their customers the rich taste of butter without the high calorie content with a new savory flavor: Golden Toasted Butter. This dry flavor delivers the authentic taste of sweet cream butter that’s been slightly toasted in an oven. It can be used to replace toasted butter in any application at a fraction of the cost and with little or no calorie contribution. Kosher certified, it does not contain hydrogenated oil and can be used in a variety of applications including vegetables, soups, batters, gravies, snacks, breads and pastries.

Kraft Food Ingredients; Memphis, Tenn.

Dairy fat replacer

Coyote Brand Stabilizer Dairy Fat Replacer was specifically formulated to mimic fatty textures in dairy products. Create a creamy mouthfeel in your application by using this dairy fat replacer with lowfat milk or even nonfat dry milk. This product sets cold and provides good suspension and aeration. It also binds moisture to reduce syneresis.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

No trans and less saturated

A new reduced-saturate, trans fat-free, nonhydrogenated all-purpose shortening, SansTrans RS39 T20, offers the same functionality as traditional bakery shortenings but with 30 percent less saturated fat than typical trans-free alternatives. Based on palm and canola oil, it is not hydrogenated and no-trans fatty acids are produced during its manufacture. The shortening is naturally saturated and crystallizes readily in the ideal beta-prime form. This product is for food manufacturers who want to eliminate trans fats but reduce saturates in cookies, cakes, fillings and dairy substitute systems.

Loders Croklaan; Channahon, Ill.

Try triglycerides

Neobee medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) create a fast, readily absorbed, low-calorie fat source with applications in products designed to provide energy and other nutritional benefits. Unlike long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which must travel through the lymphatic system for distribution to body tissues, MCTs travel directly to the liver and are metabolized in one-eighth the time of LCTs. As a result, MCTs are preferentially burned for energy and are not accumulated in the body as fat.

Stepan Co.; Maywood, N.J.

Dehydrated chicken fat

Shelf-stable liquid or powder chicken fat enhances mouthfeel, creaminess, texture and lubricity and helps to carry some fat-soluble flavors within the finished product. The ingredient also can help mask some undesirable flavors or tone down acidity in products such as salad dressings. Low levels of inclusion produce desirable results. The chicken fat contains only one-half percent moisture, yet mixes readily into a wet system with the added benefits of extended shelf life and easy storage.

International Dehydrated Foods; Springfield, Mo.

Feel your oats

Z Trim is an all-natural fat replacement that can be used to replace up to 50 percent of added oil, butter and other fats (including trans fat) in cream sauces, dressings, baked items, bakery fillings, entrees, appetizers, frozen desserts and processed meats, all without sacrificing flavor or texture. An amorphous, viscous fiber rendered from cereal grains such as corn, oats and soy, Z Trim’s process renders the insoluble fiber of grains into a soluble gel that mimics fat. It also can emulsify, bind, shape and suspend.

Z Trim; Mundelein, Ill.

No-trans margarine

Swedish Gold, a specialty margarine designed for puff pastries, danishes and croissants, now is available in both original and trans-free versions. The margarine remains workable and pliable throughout a wide temperature range yet offers a melt-point at body temperature, lower than roll-in margarines. This offers bakers superior mouthfeel, flavor and rise. Product can be stored at room temperature.

Ventura Foods; Charlotte, N.C.

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