Demand for Natural Colors Rises

Sept. 25, 2007
Colors are of vital importance to developers of foods and beverages. Colors aid in making foods and beverages more visually appealing and can also motivate consumers to purchase certain products. Colors also aid in minimizing variations due to ingredient instability and appearance. As the trend in the market pushes for more natural, organic and clean-label products, the need for more and more natural ingredients is rising. In accordance with the current market trend, WILD created the Colors from Nature® line of exempt (natural) colors.

WILD's unparalleled access to botanical source materials provides a unique basis for creating and manufacturing Colors from Nature.

WILD -- a member of the International Association of Color Manufacturers (IACM) -- ensures the quality and reliability of every Colors from Nature product by continually researching and improving the components of their ingredients within a wide array of product applications.

Use of exempt (natural) colors in functional, beverage, food and crossover applications require a variety of considerations, including heat stability, light stability, ph stability, natural, and organic, as well as providing great color.

WILD's leading extraction technology continues to ensure product developers the best-possible color. WILD's experience in the processing of natural materials and use of cutting-edge technologies enables the creation of products that integrate industry innovations and improve upon trends.

Through new and revolutionary technologies and partnerships, WILD continues to enhance the Colors from Nature line. An excellent example of the company's innovation is its unique line of Nano Encapsulation Technology (NET) colors. NET turmeric, demonstrating advancements in light and heat stability, improves the longevity of colors in candy, cereal, yogurt, seasonings and ice cream.

WILD also engages in novel proprietary emulsion techniques to significantly increase natural color stability. Through an exclusive partnership agreement with Vitatene, WILD is the sole distributor for BETANAT® (a biotech-nologically derived natural Beta-Carotene) in North America for the food and beverage industry.

ISO- and FPA-certified, WILD Flavors, Inc. specializes in customizing colors for specific applications. Whether for food or beverage, high-quality Colors from Nature ingredients enhance products and produce an instinctive connection with consumers.

Let your product stand out with Colors from Nature.

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