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March 2007 Ingredient Round-Up - Savory Flavors

March 1, 2007
March's Ingredient Round-Up features savory flavors and ingredients, including salty and celery and custom formulations for sodium and organic products.

Pyramid-shaped diamond

In 1886, a distinctive technique was discovered for making special kosher salt. Today, Diamond Crystal kosher salt is still created in the same way. The result is unique, pyramid-shaped crystals that give smooth blendability and flavor-enhancing quality. Its unique texture makes it suitable for precise seasoning and bringing out the flavor in foods.

Cargill Inc.; Minneapolis

Crunchy and savory

A delicious crunchy coating created by the new solution set Coated Snack Create 700 can create dual textured snacks that have a light, crispy shell and are soft inside. It can be used on a variety of products including fruit pieces, peanuts, soy nuts and sunflower kernels. The product is made with Splenda and can be used to produce exciting snacks without adding high amounts of fat or sugar which is sometimes associated with snacks and on-the-go foods.

Tate & Lyle PLC; London

Customized solution set

A novel approach to sodium reduction has led to the introduction of customized flavor systems for reduced sodium applications. The resulting solutions can reduce sodium levels by 25-50 percent while maintaining consumer preference. In order to optimize salt reduction, custom flavor systems require a close developmental partnership between the company and its customers. A team of food technologists, chefs, flavorists and sensory/consumer insight experts ensures that each application gets the optimal benefits from the flavor systems.

International Flavors and Fragrances; New York

Savory crisps

A mix of sea salt and crushed pepper seasoning plus garlic flavoring from the vendor's Mastertaste division come together in the prototype product Sea Salt and Black Pepper Crisps. All the ingredients for this prototype, extruded potato crisp are from the vendor's ingredient portfolio, symbolizing the company's capabilities to provide savory flavorings with a healthy glow, especially for snack foods. Gluten and trans-fat free, the product also contains added protein for energy.

Kerry Sweet Ingredients; New Century, Kans.

No metallic aftertaste

Salt substitute KCLean Salt is a response to demands from food technologists and food processors as well as concerns of consumers and health professionals. This combination of potassium chloride and sodium chloride cuts the sodium content of regular table salt in half but matches salt's taste and retains its texture, functionality and mouthfeel. This is due to a natural proprietary blend of flavors that makes it stand apart from other salt substitutes and eliminates the aftertaste typically associated with potassium chloride.

Wixon Inc.; St. Francis, Wis.

True salt taste

Using proprietary technology, SaltTrim simultaneously blocks the negative tastes of potassium chloride while keeping the true taste and mouthfeel of salt. These unique capabilities will deliver healthier products without compromising taste for consumers. It delivers a full, rich salty taste in reduced sodium foods and beverages when used in conjunction with potassium chloride.

Wild Flavors Inc.; Cincinnati

Intense celery flavor

Natural Celery Oil Distillate is derived from celery seed and has an intense but typical celery flavor making it ideal for savory flavor creations. The distillate contains enhanced levels of phthalides -- the chemicals responsible for the characteristic celery odor -- compared with celery seed oil. Additionally, Celery Oil Distillate offers flavorists the handling advantages of a distillate over the traditionally used celery oleoresin. Clear yellow in color, it has a significantly more intense celery character than the oleoresin without its stickiness or dark color.

Treatt USA Inc.; Lakeland, Fla.
863 668 9500;

Organic flavor enhancers

Featuring yeast extracts and beef and chicken flavors, a new line of organic yeast-derived flavor enhancers is now available. The proteins and amino acids in the yeast extracts work with food products to develop unique flavor profiles. The non-GMO raw materials are dried, toasted or roasted to accent different savory topnotes and are used by seasoning, flavor and food manufacturers to add flavor and flavor enhancement. Custom products can also be formulated to meet specific needs.

Savoury Systems International; Branchburg, N.J.

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