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December 2006 Ingredient Round-Up - Miscellaneous Ingredients

Nov. 28, 2006
December's Ingredient Round-Up features dairy fat replacements, protein enhancers, chicken broth powders, flaxseed and egg substitute.

Dairy fat replacer

Coyote Brand Stabilizer Dairy Fat Replacer was specifically formulated to mimic fatty textures in dairy products. It creates a creamy mouthfeel in applications when used with low-fat milk or even nonfat dry milk. It sets cold and provides good suspension and aeration. It also binds moisture to reduce syneresis.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

Increase protein content

Rebalance System 33 Cereal Bar Ingredients provide binding and cohesion to sheeted food bars. This new ingredient solution set can be used to increase the protein content while allowing a 25-40 percent reduction in sugar and a 33 percent reduction in total carbohydrates. In low-fat products, the binder achieves higher protein and lower sugar levels without altering the fat content. It also maintains product quality during storage.

Tate & Lyle, PLC; Decatur, Ill.

Fine rice flour

Two new micronized rice flours with their exceptionally fine particle sizes are ideal for coatings, baked goods such as sponge cakes, and spring roll wrappers (rice paper). These flours provide higher binding capacities than conventional rice flours and also emulsify oils and fats better. They are easy to digest, free of allergens and don't contribute off flavors commonly associated with some other flours.

A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.

Improved flour functionality

A new line of natural grain-based ingredients has been designed to maintain the positive attributes of traditional flours and dramatically expand and improve the ways they can be used in packaged and prepared foods. The Homecraft line of wheat flours addresses the processing and stability issues that often come with the use of flour in processed high-moisture foods -- such as lack of freeze-thaw stability, sensitivity to processing and poor cold water thickening. This enables chefs to use flour in products where they once may have minimized or avoided its use altogether.

National Starch Food Innovation; Bridgewater, N.J.

Ship flavor, not water

Agglomerated, free-flowing chicken broth powders disperse instantly and without clumps in warm, cold or tepid water. A boosted flavor profile elevates savory taste and umami notes for a wide range of application possibilities, from seasoning blends to bouillon, canned or aseptically packaged broth/stock, soups sauces, gravies, etc. Its functional qualities allow product developers the freedom to introduce savory chicken into nontraditional products, such as dips, snack coatings for chips or breadings and batters.

International Dehydrated Foods; Springfield, Mo.

Flaxseed for omega-3s

Flaxseed qualifies for two different types of label claims: nutrient content and structure/function claims. And a qualified health claim for whole and milled flaxseed is on the horizon. Making a "rich," excellent" or "high" source of omega-3 label claim is possible when your product contains 260mg of ALA per serving. Flaxseed contains up to 1,800mg of ALA per tablespoon, and flax oil is up to 8g ALA. Plus the lignans in flaxseed are highly sought-after since they contain powerful phytoestrogens that inhibit tumor growth.

Ameriflax; Mandan, N.D.

Lots of crisps

Protein Crisps are made from whey, soy, rice and multigrain sources. Protein levels from 40-80 percent are available for applications such as nutrition bars for sports, snacks and weight loss markets, baking applications and cereals. The crisps are manufactured by twin-screw extrusion to match customer specifications including ingredient statement, size, protein level and texture.

Zumbo River Brand Inc.; Owatonna, Minn.

Sterilize safely

A unique steam sterilization process, Protexx HP, uses superheated dry steam to reduce microbiological load with results comparable to ethylene oxide or irradiation without the potential dangers. This process has been organic certified by Quality Assurance International and delivers maximum reduction in potential contaminants while preserving color, flavor and bioactive components.

Bi Nutraceuticals; Longbeach, Cal.

Soy-based egg substitute

EggStreme Bakery Mix is a soy-based product developed to mimic whole egg functionality. When used in batters and breadings, this egg replacer provides excellent adhesion, aeration and emulsification while promoting browning and locking in the flavor and aroma of the breaded product. A competitively priced egg alternative, it is Kosher, non-genetically modified and cholesterol free.

Primera Foods Corp.; Cameron, Wis.

Flour from grape skins

Wine flour is a unique and tasty purplish-brown powder derived from spent grape skins used in the Niagara wine industry that has an appearance similar to pumpernickel. It comes in Chardonnay, Cabernet, Ice wine and a blended flavor and is healthier than wheat flour. The flour can be also be used in a variety of recipes including meat rubs, as a sauce thickener and as a source of fiber and protein in health shakes, as well as more traditional mediums such as pasta and crackers.

Vinifera For Life Ltd.; Ontario

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