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October 2006 Ingredient Round-Up - Miscellaneous Ingredients

Sept. 28, 2006
Miscellaneous ingredients, including natural mushroom products, fair-trade vanilla and powdered sprouts are featured in this month's Ingredient Round-Up.

Mushrooms instead of meat

Natural mushroom flavor products add complexity with a meaty taste to meatless burgers. Food processors are requesting natural ingredients for health food products, and natural vegetable flavors are meeting the need. The mushroom flavor products used in vegetarian burger applications are available in powders, bullion and concentrates. Varieties include Mushroom Extract Powder, Shitake Powder and Shitake Extract Powder. Each imparts a different, distinct flavor to the final product.

Nikken Foods Co.; St. Louis
636-532-1019; www.nikkenfoods.com

Reduce cholesterol

Heart-healthy consumer products containing CoroWise Naturally Sourced Cholesterol Reducer brand of plant sterols are already available on grocery store shelves. These sterols have been clinically shown to lower cholesterol, and products containing them are eligible by the FDA to claim that they may reduce the risk of heart disease when certain other dietary requirements are met. Many well-recognized consumer brands have already launched heart-healthy products containing these sterols.

Cargill Health and Food Technologies; Minneapolis
866-456-8872; www.cargillhft.com

Fair trade vanilla

A full line of Fair Trade Certified vanilla products has joined the vendor's portfolio. Available in both conventional and organic versions, the flavors help support sustainable, small-scale vanilla farming while meeting the vendor's quality standards and remaining competitive in price. The company sources the vanilla from several growing regions in the world and extracts the vanilla flavor primarily in the U.S.

Danisco; New Century, Kan.
800-255-6837 x2549; www.danisco.com

Increase bone health

BeneoSynergy1 is a unique, patented composition of oligofructose and inulin derived from the chicory root. These natural ingredients act as prebiotics, improving the balance of the body's intestinal flora, and have been shown to help the body absorb more nutrients, including calcium, from the diet. Further, the calcium has been shown to go directly where it is needed: to the bones. This product gives food manufacturers the chance to develop new functional food products that deliver proven bone health benefits.

Orafti; Malvern, Pa.
610-889-9828; www.orafti.com

Extra protein

Two new grades of soluble rice protein powders (with either 75 percent or 65 percent protein content on dry matter) are now available to food manufacturers. One was developed to fortify solid foods while the other facilitates use in liquids such as breakfast drinks, smoothies and diet drinks as well as enteral and clinical preparations. The bland powders have an excess of the essential sulfur-containing amino acids, so when combined with proteins high in lysine, such as from soy, the consumer receives balanced protein.

A&B Ingredients Inc.; Fairfield, N.J.
973-227-1390; www.abingredients.com

Organic coating systems

A certified organic line of single- and multi-step coating systems is available in response to increasing demand in the food industry. With rigorous monitoring and certification of raw materials, the company can now provide customers with various systems from pre-dusts and batters to a variety bread crumbs. The entire manufacturing process is handled in-house which results in a high level of quality control. The company also works directly with customers to develop cutting-edge products.

Hydroblend, Inc.; Nampa, Idaho
972-517-5240; www.hydroblend.com

Zero trans fat

A portfolio of more than 200 zero-grams trans fat (ZGTF) products, including Infinity Fries, is already available to food marketers and foodservice operators. In response to studies linking trans fats to heart disease, manufacturers are making product line changes to remove trans fats or add new products that are free of trans fats. This product line is well equipped to offer delicious and innovative choices.

Simplot Food Group; Boise, Idaho
800-572-7783; www.simplotfoods.com

Replaces whole eggs

An innovative egg product is specially formulated for use in bakery products such as muffins, cakes and cookies and any other application where standard whole eggs are used. Eggstreme WE 300 is standard whole eggs that have been modified with the enzyme phospholipase to improve the whole-egg functionality. It provides enhanced emulsification properties, improves baking functionality and replaces standard whole egg at a lower usage rate.

Primera Foods; Cameron, Wis.
715-458-4075; www.primerafoods.com

Non-GMO soy products

A family of soy isolates, functional soy protein concentrates and textured soy concentrates is sourced from non-GMO IP soybeans grown in the U.S. They impart highly desired factors such as white color, neutral flavor and improved functionalities.

Solbar Industries Ltd.; Buffalo Grove, Ill.
847-459-1400; www.solbar.com

Powdered sprouts

All-natural sprout powders are high in vitamins and minerals and phytochemically rich. When used in low-temperature applications, they remain enzyme active. Varieties include: alfalfa, barley, broccoli, millet, oat, quinoa, soy, spelt and wheat. The sprouts are hydroponically grown in the mile-high Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a timed growth cycle for optimal activity. Air-dried at low temperature, the resultant powders are micro-biologically tested and available in bulk quantities for manufacturers. Applications include beverages, beverage mixes and energy bars. Each order receives a Certificate of Analysis prepared by an independent laboratory.

Natural Sprout Co.; Springfield, Mo.
417-882-9604; www.natsprout.com

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