August 2006 Ingredient Round-Up: Dairy Flavors and Ingredients

Aug. 23, 2006
Check out the latest innovations in flavors and ingredients for dairy products in this month's Ingredient Round-Up.

More cheese impact

Exceed Plus 4010N is a new natural cheese flavor in powder form that helps maximize the cheese impact in any application. It was designed to be used at low levels, providing a balanced, versatile, convenient and cost-effective option to natural or process cheese without sacrificing taste. Exceed Plus 4010N imparts the familiar flavor of Kraft Velveeta, is kosher certified and is usable in snacks, sauces, side dishes, soups and casseroles.

Kraft Food Ingredients; Memphis, Tenn.

Durable Italian cheese flavor

For breading and batter applications that involve deep frying, a new line of concentrated cheese flavors, formulated with CapsuLong technology, offers durability in this harsh environment. A variety of substrates will benefit from this new flavor process. Natural Italian-Type cheese flavor no. 1410497 is a water-soluble, oil-dispersible, kosher-certified, spray-dried powder that exhibits a subtle, pleasant aroma and contains no msg.  Usage levels vary by application, so formula consultations are welcomed.

Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Cultures for sour cream products

DPL 1000 direct-set, freeze-dried culture for sour cream is a direct-to-vat blend of cultures that decrease fermentation time, deliver flavor and texture profiles and provide ease of use and storage. It sets fermentation vats in 11-12 hours, simplifying the manufacture of sour cream and similar products. The balanced flavor and texture profiles eliminate the need for additional ingredients to address those issues.

Danisco; New Century, Kansas

Lighten up your ice cream

An ingredient solution set called Ice Cream Rebalance 500 offers formulators a way to create a reduced-fat, reduced-sugar ice cream without compromising taste or creaminess. It provides sweetness, texture and the mouthfeel of butterfat, and adds body without the addition of sugars. Bulk sweeteners are replaced with a range of tailored sweetening ingredients including Splenda sucralose. The final ice cream has 59 percent fewer calories, 76 percent less sugar and 89 percent less fat than full-fat ice cream.

Tate & Lyle; London
+44 (0)20 7977 6143;

Optimal texturing abilities

After almost two years of lab development, a new phage-unrelated, mesophilic culture called XT-313 is available for texturing sour cream and creamy buttermilk. This strain offers customers an effective alternative in the event of phage attacks. In a market where the demand for low-fat products is on the rise, need is increasing for strains with high texturing ability. The less fat the sour cream contains, the greater the texturing that can be handled by the new culture.

Chr. Hansen Inc.; Milwaukee

Whey to go

WPH, whey protein hydrolysate, eliminates the bitter taste often limiting the use of this ingredient. Acid- and heat-stable, highly soluble, highly digestible and with a taste advantage, this Kosher-, Halal- and EU-approved protein source is a suitable ingredient in healthier food products including RTD beverages, acid beverages, sports nutrition and protein bars.

Hilmar Ingredients; Hilmar, Calif.

Micellar casein

A new nutritional protein, Protient 5202, contains 92 percent micellar casein. Made from domestic skim milk, it has a clean, bland flavor when compared with other isolated proteins. It can withstand UHT processing conditions, has low fat and lactose contents, is European Union and Kosher certified, and has excellent solubility. These qualities (and its milk-like flavor) make the product an excellent choice for many products such as ready-to-drink beverages and nutritional supplements.

Protient, Inc.; St. Paul, Minn.

Meat and fish for cheese

Fine quality meat and fish are blended with quality ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and spices to make the new premium Food Systems for spreadable cheese. The new preparations provide spreadable cheese manufacturers with tailor-made, integrated solutions that suit their needs. The use of these semi-finished preparations can translate into time and cost savings, simplification of production procedures, and better quality assurance and hygiene.

Frutarom; North Bergen, N.J.

Sweet and fruity

Simply whip and apply Silcreme Whip Icing Lemon to any cake for a delicious treat that doesn’t require additional flavoring or coloring. Non-dairy and ready to use, this bright yellow, lemon flavored icing has superior hold and freeze-thaw stability. Once whipped, it is stable for up to five days at room temperature on finished desserts. Additional flavors are available as well as a sugar free version of the product.

Elgin Dairy Foods Inc.; Chicago

High-protein crisp

Natural dairy protein crisps contain up to 80 percent protein, the highest percentage of any known dairy crisp currently on the market, the company claims. New technology allows the manufacture of light and crispy, high-protein dairy particulates without the use of any additives, chemicals or processing aids. Protein crisps are used as an ingredient in the growing nutritional bar, snack foods and cereals categories. Dairy protein crisps are a great way to provide the goodness of dairy with the great texture and mouthfeel of a crisp.

Fonterra Co-operative Group; New Zealand

Versatile whey

Grande Bravo functional whey proteins can be anything you want them to be, depending on how they’re used. They make fillings creamier, sauces smoother, savory meats juicier and reduce final formulation cost. These proteins offer natural solutions to improve flavor and nutrition, bind water, enhance textures, modify viscosity and gelation, improve yield and reduce costs. They are 100 percent natural, contain 35 percent whey and have a mild flavor, which makes them versatile in a wide range of applications.

Grande Custom Ingredients; Lomira, Wis.

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