March 2006 Ingredient Round-Up - Savory Ingredients

March 29, 2006
This quartet of ingredients brings both classical and jazzy elements to savory-flavored foods.
Shapely salt

Alberger brand salt is the only high-purity, food-grade, natural flake salt, the vendor claims. Its unique shape, increased surface area and low-bulk density combine to offer a measurable advantage in terms of blendability, adherence, solubility and absorption. Alberger salt is available in a wide range of grades and screen sizes, a variety of anticaking and conditioning agents, or additive free.

Cargill Salt; Minneapolis
888-385-7258; www.diamondcrystalsalt.com

Grillin' flavors

After discovering striking differences between what is available and what really authenticates the grilling experience, the vendor developed three new flavor systems. The Grillin' 5400 Series has a chargrilled flavor identified with vegetables finished on the grill. An integral part of the Grillin' 5600 Series is "umami," to complement white meat products such as chicken, turkey and pork. The Grillin' 5800 Series has darker roast, caramelized, smoky, and chargrilled notes. Samples are available.

Red Arrow Products; Manitowoc, Wis.
920-769-1100; www.redarrowusa.com

From the named vegetables

The Treattarome FTNF (from the named food) line of aqueous natural distillates has been expanded. Roasted Bell Pepper Treattarome 9810, produced from fresh green, red and yellow peppers, provides a typical, roasted, capsicum flavor with grilled and astringent top notes. Watercress Treattarome 9820 is wholly distilled from fresh, U.S. watercress, has powerful green, peppery and astringent cress notes accompanied by background characteristics of butter, potato and onion. Celery Treattarome 9790, derived from celery stalks, has a leafy and exceptionally fresh, sulphur character with balanced green, nutty and creamy undertones.

Treatt USA; Lakeland, Fla.
863-668-9500; www.treatt.com

Flavor-enhancing bases

Appealing to customer demands for ethnic flavors is an important consideration for processors. The Chef Select product line meets that demand plus the needs of food development professionals for high quality, all-natural non-GMO ingredients. The newest flavor enhancing bases added to the line are: #2032 Szechwan, #2033 Fire Roasted Garlic, #2034 Oriental Chicken, #2035 Peanut Thai Mix, #2036 Soy Sauce/Oriental, #2038 Roasted Vegetable, #2039 Roasted Onion, and #2040 Caribbean Adobo. Also new are two organic mushroom flavors: #3705 and the liquid version 3700L, for applications requiring organic ingredients.

Savoury Systems International; Branchburg, N.J.
908-534-6621; www.savourysystems.com

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