Ingredients for Baking and Shaking

May 31, 2004
A sampling of ingredients for baking and shaking.
Vanillin price solutionSupervan is an artificial flavor that is a one-to-one replacement for vanillin. Supervan has the characteristic impact of vanillin, and can be used in any application calling for vanillin. In addition, Supervan E is a one-to-one replacement for ethyl vanillin. Both are available as either a white, free-flowing powder, or as a clear, water-soluble liquid. Vanillin WOAF (with other artificial flavors) is a one-to-one replacement for vanillin that enables you to keep vanillin on your label as “vanillin with other artificial flavors.”David Michael & Co.; Philadelphia215-632-3100; www.dmflavors.comWhole grain baking dilemmaThe Insta Grains plant slightly pre-gelatinizes grains which reduces their cook time. This eliminates the need to soak or pre-cook grains when making whole grains breads. For example, a whole grain bread formula may include soaking 10 percent of a mixture of corn grits, barley flakes, etc. To save time, simply incorporate that percentage of Insta Grains ingredients directly into the dough and increase the water. Briess Malt & Ingredient Co.; Chilton, Wis.920-849-7711; www.briess.comPerformance peptidePeptoPro is a new active peptide ingredient for use in high-end food and beverage products for health-conscious consumers. It is a casein hydrolysate produced using a new and patented process, which hydrolyzes casein to produce small, non-allergenic peptides that are immediately available for the body’s use in various functions including the ability to accelerate muscle recovery during and after exercise. It was originally developed in partnership with the Netherlands Olympic Committee.DSM; Delft, Netherlands+31 15 2792173; www.dsm.comSoluble rice proteinRice protein is hypoallergenic, highly digestible and has a balanced nutritional profile. In fact, the amino acid profile of rice is closer than any other protein to mother’s milk, which the vendor claims is the ultimate in digestibility, nutrition and safety. In addition, soluble rice protein has no functionality such as gelling, emulsifying or whipping. It is also non-GMO, stable during UHT and other heat treatments and blends easily with other proteins. Soluble rice protein makes it easy for formulators to fortify liquid food systems, such as breakfast or meal replacement drinks, powdered energy drinks or protein shake mixes, rice drinks, smoothies, or infant formulas.A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.973-227-1390; www.abingredients.comOats fight coronary diseaseThe FDA back in 1997 determined that diets high in oat bran and low in fat may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. OatVantage increases intestinal viscosity greater than any similarly tested commercial oat product, while also significantly reducing cholesterol. It provides 18 times the amount of soluble fiber found in oats, resulting in substantially higher viscosities than other oat products. This nutritional supplement is available in dietary supplements, nutritional bars and beverages. Nurture Inc.; Devon, Pa.610-989-0945;