Booths bustle

Sept. 15, 2003
IFT exhibitors share their news

Every year at the Institute of Food Technologist's annual meeting, we gravitate toward exhibitor booths that suit our fancy , first impressions do count. So let's celebrate those that made our trade show coverage a double delight.

ADM's Diner of the Future was a clever way to showcase what's on the company's long-term menu: comfort foods made with nutritional ingredients. That's the an approach many manufacturers will likely take in reformulating popular brands ... Kerry had a series of counters distinguished by product category , appetizers (Cafe Munch), convenience (Cafe Zap), beverages (Cafe Sip), organic (Cafe Pure) and energy bars (Cafe Fuel). In addition to food, each counter posted listings of trends relevant to its product category , a great resource for attendees With its lemons and oranges, Frutarom's Tropical theme and umbrella covered booth was delightful , an oasis for tired attendees, who could take a short vacation during the show

National Starch's Nutrition Neighborhood focused on three important healthy food trends , organic food formulations (Organic Stadium), functional carbohydrates as a source of nutrition (Innovation Valley) and new textural properties for unique eating experiences (Texture Tower). Incidentally, National Starch won the 2003 IFT Industrial Achievement Award for Novelose resistant starches. National also won the award in 1998 for its Novation functional starches. Wow, no other company has won this award twice in the past 28 years.

A rose by any other name

Symrise, a symbiosis of Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco debuted its new logo, which integrates H&R's hummingbird and the dragon of Dragoco. Chairman Goran Lundberg MSC, MBA traveled from Granna, Sweden, and President and CEO Horst-Otto Gerberding arrived from Holzminden, Germany, to participate in the festivities. Symrise plans to rise to new heights with its broadened encapsulation portfolio; leadership in mint and citrus technology; and expertise in sweets, beverages and culinary (it's formed a new foodservice unit). "We have a complete understanding of citrus from grove to product," says Ray Hughes, president of Symrise Flavors of North America  ... Univar, a combination of Vopak and Van Waters & Rogers, created a new food industry team to capitalize on the company's extensive distribution and logistics capabilities. The team is headed by Jane Wells, vice president of marketing and Beth Warren, director of marketing , food industry. "We provide the tool box to deliver food ingredients to market faster," says Warren, "including online, real-time Web conferencing capabilities." French's Ingredients changed its name to French's Flavor Ingredients to more accurately describe its capabilities The Solae Co., a joint venture of DuPont and Bunge Ltd., debuted.

Acquisition fever continues

Newly Weds Foods Inc.  acquired Heller Seasonings & Ingredients Frutarom acquired Flachsmann Fortitech Inc. agreed to acquire the nutritional premix blending business of Ashland Distribution Co., a division of Ashland Inc. Kerry acquired Pacific Seasonings Eurofins Scientific agreed to acquire GeneScan.

Catching up

It was a pleasure meeting Dave Hays, director, marketing services of Quest International. He explained how Quest reinvented the wheel with the launch of the Meat Designer Wheel, which allows customers to create multiple versions of a flavor in a single afternoon. Meanwhile, we loved the Hot Pepper & Peanut Sauce they served, which contained Vanilla, Caramel, Brown Sugar and Honey ... Thanks to John A. Bauman, vice president, culinary business unit, Wild Flavors, who noticed I was dragging both literally (media kits) and figuratively and provided the solution with Pomegranate Plus energy beverage and a supply of Mango P210 Peak Performance gel George J. Peklo has recently been promoted to vice president , marketing and sales of Ariake U.S.A. Inc., which introduced a line of all-organic beef and chicken stocks Rick Sabol has joined Shell Services USA as director of business development our long-time friend Steve Box is enjoying his move to the U.K., serving as sales & marketing director of Edlong Flavors All that home and hearth atmosphere at IFT was right on for Michael Bielskis, account executive with Archer Malmo, who's getting married next month!.

Just for fun

Enjoyed Lust on the Beach, an Orange, Peach, Cranberry (Sensient Flavors) beverage, served at the Jones Hamilton Co. Tiki Bar (No, there was no alcohol!) We had a great time sticking out our tongues at each other after eating Sour Blue Crunchers, brightly colored, vitamin-and-mineral-fortified cereal bites with a soy crisp center and sour blue-raspberry coating at the Kerry booth ... Sensient's FDA approved colorants can now be printed onto foods in a myriad of designs to create product differentiation  -- a great branding strategy. It's possible as a result of food-grade color chemistry and inkjet technology from Spectra Inc.

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