National Honey Board Develops Bakery Food Formulas

April 13, 2011
National Honey Board works with AIB to develop nine bakery food formulas made with honey.

The National Honey Board is working with the American Institute of Baking to develop nine bakery food formulas made with honey.

The National Honey Board developed the formulas to meet the needs of growing consumer demands for products naturally sweetened with honey. The organization also created the new formulas to conform to new product trends, such as gluten free and food bars.

  • Gluten Free: Producing a gluten free product that tastes good is a challenge. Many bakeries are overcoming this challenge by using honey, as exhibited in the formula the National Honey Board developed for gluten free pound cake. Honey plays two significant roles in gluten-free products. First, honey provides an exceptional sweetness while maintaining a clean label. Second, and just as important, honey significantly contributes to a bakery food’s moisture, making sure they stay soft and maintain a desirable texture.
  • Food / Energy Bars: Honey is the ideal sweetener for the food and energy bar segments, offering a sweetener that provides a natural energy boost through its 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. The National Honey Board developed a fruit bar formula that can serve as the perfect introduction for any baker into the bar category.

The National Honey Board also developed the following formulas: white rolls with honey, honey cinnamon biscuit, honey whole wheat flour tortilla, flour tortilla with honey, honey corn muffin, honey oatmeal raisin cookie and honey whole wheat pan bread.

Each formula was developed to be scaled to the commercial baking industry and can be found at

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