Food Trends: McCormick Flavor Forecast Announces 2011 Flavor Trends

Dec. 3, 2010
Key tastes are influenced by spirit of discovery, uplifting flavors and craveable contrasts.

McCormick & Company revealed its Flavor Forecast 2011 in early December. The forecast identifies leading culinary trends that will shape the way consumers eat in the year ahead and beyond.   

According to McCormick, it's an exciting time for flavor. Spice consumption in this country is at an all-time high – growing more than three times as fast as the population and currently exceeds 1 billion pounds per year. This growth in volume has been matched by a growing desire for variety. Today's pantry can consist of about 40 different seasonings, compared to less than 10 in the 1950s.

One of the leading trends shaping this year's report is craveable contrasts, which comes to life in 10 flavor pairings.

Food Flavor Trends for 2011:

  • Spirit of Discovery – A hunger for international culinary adventure propels exploration of new ingredients and techniques
  • Flavor with Benefits – Eating for wellness is more delicious than ever
  • Invigorating and Uplifting – Exciting pops of flavor bring new energy to dining
  • Soul Satisfaction – Comforting favorites soothe the mind, heart and taste buds
  • Craveable Contrasts – The interplay of tastes, textures and visual cues adds fun and excitement to the basic pleasures of eating

Top 10 Flavor Pairings for 2011:

  • Fennel & Peri-Peri Sauce
  • Pickling Spice & Rice Vinegar 
  • Roasted Curry Powder & Wild Mushrooms 
  • Caramelized Honey & Adzuki Red Beans 
  • Ancho Chile Pepper & Hibiscus 
  • Thyme & Stone Fruits 
  • Mustard Seed & Vermouth 
  • Cilantro & Nut Butters 
  • Herbes de Provence & Popcorn 
  • Green Peppercorn & Goat's Milk

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