Bonding over ice cream

Feb. 7, 2005
Women are nearly three times more likely than men to use a bowl of ice cream to console themselves after a breakup or disappointment -- and half of all Americans, whether male or female, confess to "bonding" with their "significant other" over ice cream, according to a Pillsbury survey investigating America's frozen dessert eating habits.What's more, one in six Americans admits to having his or her dog or cat lick the last bit of ice cream out of the bowl -- and 50 percent of Americans surveyed claim they've put unusual items ranging from anchovies and garlic to bacon bits and ranch dressing on their ice cream! Other unique ice cream toppings include jalapenos, green olives, pickles, ketchup, french fries, balsamic vinegar, Jello, anchovies, orange juice, sauerkraut, Tang, wasabi peas, coffee grounds, sweet bean paste and Tabasco sauce.Pizza and ice cream were chosen America's favorite comfort foods -- beating out fried chicken, hamburger and macaroni and cheese.

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