New Wixon Seasonings Turn Ordinary Popcorn into Gourmet

Dec. 8, 2008

Wixon Inc. announces a new array of flavored popcorn seasoning blends for retail consumer product applications. The flavors enhance traditional popcorn lines with new, snappy tastes. New flavors include:

  • White Cheddar – This pale powder is bursting with true, natural cheddar cheese flavor, plus tangy buttermilk and sweet whey.
  • Salsa Lime – Vibrant and spicy with both heat and citrus.  Made with three peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, vinegar and real lime juice. 
  • Jalapeno – Just the right amount of heat and fresh jalapeno flavor with a pleasing green color to match.  Supported with yellow corn flour, onion, garlic, white pepper and minced parsley.
  • Cajun BBQ – A complex and flavorful blend of tomato and barbecue spices with a Cajun kick and lots of spices.
  • Pepper Parmesan – A familiar flavor, but new to popcorn.  Two fresh pepper grinds and lots of creamy dairy flavor including Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

The following sweet popcorn flavors also can be used in other snack applications.

  • Maple Cinnamon – More complex and sophisticated than cinnamon sugar, the maple and cinnamon is further enhanced with nutmeg and brown sugar. 
  • Caramel Sour Apple – Tart like a Granny Smith apple and sweet with brown sugar, vanilla and molasses. 
  • Caramel – Simple and sweet with caramel, vanilla, white and brown sugar. 

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