PureCircle unveils high-purity Reb D

March 25, 2013
High-purity Reb D has one of the best sweetness profiles of any steviol glycoside from the stevia leaf, according to PureCircle research.

PureCircle has unveiled its new stevia product, PureCircle’s high-purity Reb D.  Following a safety evaluation by an independent Expert Panel, PureCircle’s high-purity Reb D has received self-affirmed GRAS status, and PureCircle has elected to submit its GRAS notification to the FDA for the agency’s additional safety review.

PureCircle’s high purity Reb D will further enable customers to develop naturally sweetened formulations with very low to no calories, particularly in food and beverages with higher sweetness levels, such as carbonated soft drinks.

PureCircle has begun collaborating with several customers on product development, with primary focus on initial introductions in the United States.  Substantial investments are focused on scaling this new technology with plans for targeted market introduction as early as the second half of 2013.