Gum Technology Responds to Xanthan Pricing Issues with Gum Replacements

Feb. 5, 2013
Coyote Brand and Hydro-Fi Stabilizer blends incorporate functional, less expensive ingredients for food processors.
Xanthan gum, known as a "work horse" hydrocolloid, stabilizes a wide variety of applications because with its multi-functional capabilities. With xanthan pricing's uncertainty, however, Gum Technology has introduced xanthan alternatives that offer the same or improved functionality. Coyote Brand and Hydro-Fi Stabilizer blends incorporate highly functional and less expensive ingredients. According to Gum Technology, cost savings range from 7 to 12% verusus the cost of straight xanthan gum. The following is a list of Xanthan gum replacements Gum Technology is now offering: Coyote Brand Stabilizer CT-1201A blend of cellulose gum and tara gum, this product can be used in applications for viscosity building, moisture binding, particulate suspension, separation prevention, and aeration in dry and wet applications such as sauces, baked goods, and dips. It also maintains freeze thaw stability in frozen novelties, while providing a rich, creamy mouthfeel. The recommended range of pH for use of this stabilizer should be around 4.5 and above. CMC and tara gum are on the 'Whole Foods' list of accepted ingredients.Hydro-Fi CXA-1024This all natural blend of citrus fiber, xanthan gum, and acacia gum has true, fortified emulsifying properties due to the incorporation of emulsion grade acacia gum together with xanthan gum. Although there is xanthan gum in this system, the citrus fiber and acacia gum allow for a cost reduction.Hydro-Fi TC -1123Tara gum and citrus fiber provide pliability in baked goods such as breads and tortillas. This blend of gums, because of its moisture binding capabilities reduces staling or drying in cakes and muffins. Tara is a seed gum; and citrus fiber - fiber from the citrus peel are label friendly, natural ingredients which are highly functional.