New Salt Replacer Lowers Sodium Levels 20 To 65 Percent, Maintains Taste

Oct. 14, 2010
Ottens Flavors introduces sodium reduction product: Ottens Plus Alt-Salt
Ottens Flavors has introduced a product which may help lower the sodium level in popular foods – such as potato chips, soups, meats and sauces – while maintaining the food flavors consumers enjoy. For years flavor companies have attempted to create functional, cost-effective tasting substitutes with mixed results. Ottens performed two years of extensive testing using its exclusive flavor development process, which allows Ottens to develop flavors to hit a specific taste target. Benefits of Ottens Plus Alt-Salt include:
  • Clean tasting without bitter off notes
  • No added MSG, Glutamic Acid or Ribotides 
  • Can be used topically and liquid applications 
  • 20 to 65 percent sodium reduction 
  • Natural, Natural & Artificial, Kosher/Halal certified, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Vegan 
  • Heat stable

In some applications, Alt-Salt is nearly a one-to-one replacement for salt. Each application must be optimized for both Ottens Plus Alt-Salt type and level. There are several versions of Alt-Salt and different versions work at different flavor levels depending upon the application.