Chr. Hansen Introduces Probiotics And Fiber Concept For Improved Digestive Health

May 19, 2010
New offering paves the way for powerful supplements containing documented probiotics and fibers.

In a move to support dietary supplements producers who wish to help people tackle constipation, Danish bioscience company Chr. Hansen launched a concept combining efficacious probiotics and beneficial fibers.

According to a 2006 global omnibus study involving 13,900 individuals, constipation is a widespread health concern globally. 12 percent of people worldwide suffer from self-defined constipation.

The company has documented effect on constipation with some of its premium probiotic strains. They have developed a combination, with carefully select fibers, to tackle constipation. The ingredients combination represents an "2 in 1" or "double action" product.

The supplement format is a 6 g stick with powder to be sifted over breakfast cereals or poured into a glass of water daily or twice a day.