Purified Green Tea Extract Now Available At a Lower Price

June 1, 2009

Blue California, a manufacturer of highly purified botanical extracts, including several forms of Green Tea Extract, is now offering purified Green Tea Extract standardized to 95% EGCG at a very low prices without compromising quality. The lower cost of this ingredient will make it available for use in more products and can reach more consumers for the greater benefit of all.

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is the most abundant and perhaps most important catechin found in green tea. Catechins are polyphenolic antioxidant plant metabolites and belong in the flavonoid family. Scientific studies suggest that green tea EGCG can effectively be used in dietary supplements for weight management and ardiovascular health. Green tea has been used in Asia for thousands of years for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and infection and, more recently, green tea has been recognized as a powerful antioxidant that can help control free radicals in the body that can cause premature aging and may be responsible for uncontrolled cell growth. The purity and safety of these natural ingredients are of greater importance to the consumers today, the educated consumer now looks for high quality products that contain ingredients of greater purity such as Green Tea Extract 95% EGCG.

Green Tea Extract 95% ECGC is manufactured by Blue California under strict GMP quality standards. Blue California is a manufacturer of Kosher-certified high purity botanical extracts and other unique ingredients for use in foods, beverages, cosmetics and dietary supplements.