Freeze-Dried or Drum Dried Pomegranate Add Vibrance and Distinction To Processors' Products

March 26, 2009

When looking to add a vibrant and distinctive fruit to your products, Freeze-Dried or Drum Dried Pomegranate products from Van Drunen Farms offer all the taste with none of the hassle.

Known for their flared, spiky crown, leather-like skin, and antioxidant rich, edible seeds called arils, the pomegranate ("seeded apple") originated in tropical Asia and has been cultivated in California for more than 200 years. Each fruit contains exactly 840 arils, compartmentalized between shiny, tough membranes that make the arils labor-intensive and time-consuming to remove.
Pomegranates are also one of the most nutritious fruits - high in vitamin C and potassium and a good source of fiber while being low in calories. Pomegranates also contain high amounts of antioxidants which protect the body and are credited with helping in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancers.
VDF makes pomegranate easy to enjoy by offering the fruit in a variety of forms, including conventional and organic freeze-dried powder, freeze-dried arils, and drum-dried powder and flakes. Freeze-Dried Pomegranate arils are perfect as a garnish for a pop of color, a flavor accent in salads, or for snacking while Drum-Dried Pomegranate powders and flakes can be easily added to confections, teas, dry blends, and pet foods.
Sweet and slightly tart, pomegranate in all forms is a fresh and delicious addition to a variety of dishes, so let Van Drunen Farms help you add color, flavor, and texture to your products with Freeze-Dried and Drum-Dried Pomegranate.