Steam-Textured Soy Protein for Chocolate Inclusions

March 4, 2009

Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, will introduce the first in a series of unique applications for their steam-textured soy filler in praline chocolate centers.

“Bontex Soy-Chocolate Inclusions” are to be used in chocolate centers, which are typically filled with nuts of one kind or another. A visual description of this application can now be found on YouTube at .

Unlike traditional textured soy flours, Bontex team-textured soy protein has none of the strong soy off-flavors which have given a negative image to many soy products. Due to a unique proprietary process which removes volatile flavors and preserves essential nutritional values, the protein binds into puffy agglomerates, with particles cut and sieved to five optional size and shapes: small and large fine particles, minced, small and large pieces.

Bontex offers relatively fast rehydration rates when compared with typical extruded products (three to four times weight in just two to three minutes in hot water, or two to three times weight in just three to four minutes in cold water). It is possible to apply Bontex with natural colors and flavors during the steam-texturizing process.