DSM Food Specialities

July 10, 2007
Preservative-free coagulant perfect for cheese

Responding to growing market trends for natural, additive-free products, DSM Food Specialties created a preservative-free version of its successful coagulant, Fromase XLG. Fromase XLG is exceptionally pure and guarantees excellent flavor and texture. The preservative-free version allows cheese manufacturers to not only deliver allergen-free, high quality products, but also enables clean label status and is particularly suitable for organic cheese.

A premium grade microbial rennet, Fromase XLG set new standards in performance and purity when it was first introduced. In fact, Fromase XLG is the purest microbial rennet on the market and caters for all cheese making applications. Purified using a specially developed chromatography process, it is free from all a-specific protease side activities and carbohydrate degrading enzymes, which may influence the cheese ripening process and whey applications. As well as being allergen-free, Fromase XLG preservative-free is also certified non-GMO, Kosher and Halal and can be used in vegetarian and organic cheese.