Hormel Health Technology, LLC

July 10, 2007
Purified Omega-3 oils provide odorless solution

Hormel Health Technology, LLC, and the Specialty Products Division of Hormel Foods announce the launch of the Eterna brand of pure, tasteless and odorless Omega-3 fish oils. Through a proprietary process, virtually all of the fishy odors and flavors are removed. This new brand of fish oil is also expected to provide the best possible oxidative stability.

"Healthy Omega-3 oils with a pure flavor and no odor meet the rapidly growing needs of the food industry," said Paul Jacobson, director of Hormel Foods Specialty Products Division. "Our purified Eterna brand of Omega-3’s offer effective solutions to food manufacturers needing to overcome end-user concerns related to fishy-smelling odors, poor shelf life and off flavors. In addition, our Eterna product line may be used in a wide range of foods and beverages."