RFI Ingredients

June 30, 2006
Capture Chocolate's Sensory Cues Sans Sugar, Fat, Dairy

Chocamine is a proprietary, patent-pending cocoa extract that has the taste, smell and health benefits of chocolate without the sugar, fat and dairy of chocolate candy. According to the manufacturer, Chocamine is the only chocolate supplement that normalizes appetite and cravings while also promoting sustained energy.

Chocolate is the number one craved food in North America, RFI Ingredients' literature points out, and the reasons for this widespread addiction are complex. In addition to the hedonic ingredients thought to cause chocolate craving — such as aroma — recent research has identified many pharmacologically active compounds that may be responsible for chocolate's deliciously addictive qualities (Bruinsma and Taren, 1999; Rossner, 1997).

Chocamine is standardized for several important ingredients. These include proven, safe and natural non-ephedra thermogenic compounds, as well as mood and performance enhancing substances. The beneficial effects of chocolate come from more than one component and Chocamine provides several in a synergistic blend.

Specifically, Chocamine contains methyl-xanthine alkaloids (with a high concentration of theobromine in relationship to caffeine, and theophylline), adrenergic amines, dietary minerals and important amino acids. These are not only thermogenic but promote lipolysis and the building of lean muscle mass, and improve physical performance and energy (Hedrei and Gougeon, 1997).

Applications for Chocamine include dietary supplement products such as capsules, tablets, chewables, powder drink mixes and chewing gums as well as functional food applications including drinks, nutritional bars, brownies, cookies, diet shakes and meal replacements. Primary health indications are energy, cravings, diet support, mood, outlook and cognition.